Friends We were, Friends we are….

When we are in school, college or living bachelors life, they are our family, our relatives and our companion. They are partners in our crime, guardians of our conscience, and our secrets in heart they do confine. Staying in hostels at a tender age of 10 brings you to face the cruel world at very young age, and that’s when you create the best relationshipsin your life.  Written for those friends who are my life line, hope you will sense the warmth in the poem for friendship.

Friends we were and friends we are

All settled distance apart

Trudging along the destined way

All alone I must say

Our heart still aches for the time

When life was a melodious rhyme

Now only a boring prose

Slowly to the end it grows

Still when those memories dawn

A smile comes amidst the frown

So however far we may be

Friends we are and will always be.


  • Prankies

    Yes! Felt the warmth and this made me remember my buddies.

    Very sweet poem prankies.

    Happy reading ppl!

    Yours loving warrior


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