All of a sudden

Giving me a shock

A big bulky rock

Fall on me

I couldn’t react

Before I could have 

Even thought

I saw my family 

My closed ones 

All worried

 standing beside me

As if it was 

not only breaking me

But everyone around 

was getting burried

Hurried up was I

Burried up was I

Couldn’t ponder on

My own  feelings

Mixed it was 

As if rain was

draining it all

And just has created 



And floods together

What should I first bother?

Changed was 


And  that too

in just few blinks

Where should I cling

I have heard of this before

Even seen people who have 

Been diagnosed before

But couldn’t 

Understand and believe 

That it was


And why me?

And my own body 

Hey,its mine

And I know its fine

And I have people

And responsibilities around

Oh! common 

Please, tell me 

This is not a true ground

This is probably a bad dream

I will just wake up

And I will not have to

bear this wound

Neither my people will 

Have to see

This at all

And I cannot be the reason 

For thier trouble

Shrunk my heart 

and my thought bubble

Then another voice

inside me spoke


Ok!its ok

Its just ok

And its normal

Can happen to anyone

It has happened to me

And I will be cured

All I need is to be endured 

All I need is to keep 

Up my vitamin P (patience)

And this vitamin requires no fee

Just, I will face it

The time will soon go

Playing its part

And like every other

Struggle of my life

I will be a winner

Even in this part ☺🤗

Stay healty!

Take care of yourself!

Nothing is more important. This has to be your first priority for yourself and for your family.

So remain healthy and ask everyone around to be so and in this way keep spreading love!

Yours loving 

Warrior Naina

11 thoughts on “Diagnosed

  1. रहिमन चुप हो बैठिये, देखि दिनन के फेर।
    जब नीके दिन आइ हैं, बनत न लगि हैं देर॥


                  1. प्रभु जाको दारुन दुख देही ताकि मति पहले ई हर लेही
                    One thing more. Here tulsidasg says that when time is not in your favour thn nothing pooja path will work. Whatever decisions will one take it will go wrong and against

                    Liked by 1 person

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