Friends We were, Friends we are….

When we are in school, college or living bachelors life, they are our family, our relatives and our companion. They are partners in our crime, guardians of our conscience, and our secrets in heart they do confine. Staying in hostels at a tender age of 10 brings you to face the cruel world at very … Continue reading Friends We were, Friends we are….


All of a sudden Giving me a shock A big bulky rock Fall on me I couldn't react Before I could have  Even thought I saw my family  My closed ones  All worried  standing beside me As if it was  not only breaking me But everyone around  was getting burried Hurried up was I Burried … Continue reading Diagnosed

Mushkil hai😢

Keh to diya😑 Par karna mushkil hai😐 Baatein jaha se🙄 shuru hoti thi😏 Vahan band karna 😶 mushkil hai😥 Keh to diya hai🙂 Ki kuch nahi kahungi🤐 Par sochti hu😀 tum samjhoge😮 Qki tum to🤔 Hardam samajhte the😐 Ankahi mere dil ki baatien😔 Kaash aaj tum tak😟 Khud hi pahuch jayein😇 Qki kuch b kehna mera😑 Ab mushkil hai😥 … Continue reading Mushkil hai😢