Mutual break up – 6 (The final THE END)

She was stiff

But now confused

When she saw him breaking

It was not easy to hold

But then she continued 

And seeing her

He gained the strength

And they finally

Decided on it

It ended

The childish wants

The soft corners 


Now they were no more 

Two soft lovers

Having uncertain thoughts

These were two 

Empowered people

They then agreed to draw the line

Only then things became fine

Stiffness to the highest level

Was  the only solution 

And they did it

Mutually & softly it was impossible 

It was like sitting on flame

Playing blame game

 You were wrong

No it was you

And at the same time saying

Stay, don’t go

And saying I am there 

I will be there for you


It can’t be just done that way

May be mutually it is possible

But softly it is not

If you break

You cannot keep 

Even a light binding thread

That will otherwise become reason 

For you to feel dead

So, perfectly they 

Finally understood

She was now mature

He was rational and sure

They decided to never talk any more

Not even a single thread 

Single word 

They decided to never utter

 and they went away 

Biding goodbye

And their pains 

Also flew away 

This was all 

The power of a determined decision 

I am sure you will agree

This one is least painfull

Than the rest 5 in the series before

Now you may understand

The strength firm mind has

And the power it stores

And guess what 

they never felt like to cry

What more could be the better end

They ended 

And neither of them 

Felt like to cry

Because this time

They didnot to themselves

Said any lie

What they did 

Was the last honest try

of the story:

 Mental strength is above all the negativities  and problems of life. The secret of getting sorted is to just allow yourself to be sorted and be firm like in our story happened.

 And it is not a sad ending. How can it be sad ending when the result is empowerment of both the characters.

Be firm and thats just enough!

Happy reading!

Yours loving 

Warrior Naina

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