A lone tree and a passer-by : their love story with shade and strom

A strom came

Took away all my leafs

No more of greenry 

Is left

I have become leafless


And you want me to 

Give the same shade 

Till this date

How can you be 

So insensitive 

Or so very unaffected 

Neither you watered me

Nor you  ensured me in any way

That strom and more stroms

won’t  come to in future days

You were not the strom 

 I agreed 

Nor you were the reason

I agreed

But I had to face a strom

Why can’t you agree?

Now its your turn to understand 

That strom has made me leafless


And still you expect

Me to give the same shade

How will I do this 

At this very date

How shall I do so

You only state

And above all

You hurt me most 

When your questions

Make me roast

Was it really my mistake

That I took someone else’s stake

When you didn’t 

Nourished me more

Some other passerby  stopped 

And helped me heal at core

How a love for him

I will not store

I am healed now

But not at that level

That I forget the strom

How will I give you

 the same shade

When you don’t ensure me

 In future there won’t be any blade

I never thought

We would ever get

 stucked this way

You brought me life 

When I was alone 

Standing in the coast

You were the only one

who stopped 

And praised my shade

For this

I will always be greatful to you

Oh!my friend  

But today

When I am not shady

You want me to behave the same

Don’t you have any shame

Stucked between past and future

You are breaking me

In present badly

And I am also contributing

In my own fall sadly

Just because

I am unable to

 say you that

Please go now 

I don’t want you at all

Nor that shade 

I can offer you 

I hesitate to take my 

Heart’s call

I think you need to move on

You can,you are movable

You can find more trees and shades

And allow me to 

Also test my fate

If some another passer-by

Agrees with my lesser shade

Happy reading!
Yours loving 

Warrior Naina

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