Poetic News Analysis (New continent Zealandia discovered)

News link Zealandia

For all those 

Geography classes😀

And that geography teacher😏

Who had scolded 😠

the poor lad☹

Who answered 😧

always wrong😨

There are eight continents 😩

He used to say😰

and was confused for long😵

Counting one continent 🙃

as newzealand 😞

Which looked away from australia😲

In the map😒

When teacher explained 😟

He took a short nap🙈🙈

Sitting in back benches 🙉🙊

Memories  were made😁🤗

Grades though used to degrade

But see 🤓

That innocent mistake 😅

today has come true in 2017

Now we have actually eight

Continents 😉

Who can go dating

7th one who was still single

has got its pair

You see😅😜😛😝

Lets make it a female continent

Zealandia she is😂😅😅💃

May Zealandia brings more zeal to our earth😇😇😇!


Good night ppl!

Sleep well!

Keep spreading love even in your dreams😅😅😅😅😅😅!

Yours loving warrior


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