Mutual breakup – 5

Then one day

They happened to meet

Unable to understand 

how to greet 

Silence was at both ends

Helplessness questioned

Moving winds couldn’t answer

For the first time

No warmth 

No happiness

Nothingness between them

was exchanged 

Broken,though mutually broken

From where they

could have started or spoken

But things was to happen

As the wiser destiny designed

He,who was expected 

To be stronger

Was more broken

She, delicate once 

Had now become stiff

He wished some

Miracle to happen for

Stiffed her could 

smile like before

But she was 


Only one question 

Tangled in her mind

Am I doing wrong

Some how happier Me,

 weaken him

( which I am not comfortble to see)

And our relationship

Is it really gone

Or is it me who is taking this mutual 

thing long? “.

So, they met and he thought and she wondered.

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Hope you are gaining more interest with every new post. Because I am definitely gaining interest 😃.

Happy reading!

Keep spreading love!

Yours loving warrior


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