Independence : have it at any cost!

Breaking all the stigmas

Freaking and celebrating 

She went out wearing an

attire of her choice

her bike,her high heels,

her red dark lipcolor 

was all sufficient

to make beauty lovers rejoice

Some orthodox commented 

her to be indescent

While there was also some like you 

Who admired her independence 

However,with societal fears

In her heart burried

With uncertain future 

she remained worried

Basically she wasn’t 

independent in true sense

What is indenpendence

Today I tell you friends

Independence is above appearance 

Independence is a feel

A feel not to be felt outside

A feel to be resided inside

Being independent 

Is to not be dependent

On supporters 

Who you will need to stand

Or to be affected

By your haters 

Who make your fears

 equally stand


Independence is 

to be unaffected 

And to be sure 

Of yourself and your results

Irrespective of 

Number of supports or hatemarks

Likes or dislikes

You will have to face or conquer

Feel free without support system and not helpless.

Keep spreading love!

Your loving warrior


7 thoughts on “Independence : have it at any cost!

  1. Time teaches us. When we are ready to think that something may be wrong on my part than the problem gets solved and one is relaxed.
    Here also both think and are ready to consider accordingly. This is a beginning. Lets see what u have in your bag.

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  2. What a powerful presentation. Anyone can think about it but a few can write like this. Heart touching it is. Think that in one night a poor becomes a millionaire and a lion from a circus is freed into the jungle. Their happiness is beyond imagination and same is with she who suddenly become SHE or you can say independent.
    God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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