Mutual breakup – 5

Then one day They happened to meet Unable to understand  how to greet  Silence was at both ends Helplessness questioned Moving winds couldn't answer For the first time No warmth  No happiness Nothingness between them was exchanged  Broken,though mutually broken From where they could have started or spoken But things was to happen As the … Continue reading Mutual breakup – 5

Independence : have it at any cost!

Breaking all the stigmas Freaking and celebrating  She went out wearing an attire of her choice her bike,her high heels, her red dark lipcolor  was all sufficient to make beauty lovers rejoice Some orthodox commented  her to be indescent While there was also some like you  Who admired her independence  However,with societal fears In her … Continue reading Independence : have it at any cost!

Inspirational thoughts – 2

So, this is continuation of previous post. Last time I typed most of the things but this time posted all as it is,not because of  laziness😆😉 but because the beautiful handwriting😍 Sometimes our friends have a very good inspirational lecture filled with lots of  care for us😅, you also may have such people in life … Continue reading Inspirational thoughts – 2