Explore you

When you will try to explore me next time Unlike everytime,I will not resist anymore  Coz I will be busy exploring you  Lets see who finds better secrets Coz this time I will explore you Yes! I will explore you Good night everyone! Keep spreading love! Yours loving warrior  Naina

The word “Average”

Pic: am I average looking????says the simply beautiful flower! Average is a tag given to people “below the best” The tagging culture is omnipresent Let it be a school,college or workplace The lag may be by lil or more The  reason may be Small or big May be the behaviour,genes or the looks that is making … Continue reading The word “Average”

(Lyrics diary)”Something just like this” -chainsmokers !

  Edit I’ve been reading books of old The legends and the mythsAchilles and his goldHercules and his giftsSpiderman’s controlAnd Batman with his fistsAnd clearly I don’t see myself upon that list But she said, where d’you wanna go?How much you wanna risk?I’m not looking for somebodyWith some superhuman giftsSome superheroSome fairytale blissJust something I … Continue reading (Lyrics diary)”Something just like this” -chainsmokers !

Yes! Always – 1

That yes had healed her  Always That assurance Created a belief  Which guaranteed her relief Always Will you be with me always? Will you never leave me alone? Yes! Try it when you feel alone And  She again  messaged in her doom day Are you there? Can I talk? And again the reply came Yes! Why not … Continue reading Yes! Always – 1

The Moonier Story..

This is the story of a young girl betrayed n broken by the world's atrocious behaviour..and a heartbroken guy..with pieces turned in to rock.. The girl was lonely.. The guy was too.. The girl needed someone to collect her pieces n give them life.. While the guy needed someone to melt the rock.. None of … Continue reading The Moonier Story..

Aa gai pyari maata gangor!

This is a Rajesthani festival where the females in the house worship a goddess called Gangor who is nothing but a goddess similar to the other women in rajesthan  who has come to visit her father's house from her in-laws house and her husband Isarji has come to take her back. The festival is all … Continue reading Aa gai pyari maata gangor!

Mystification of “TheMoonierBliss”

Demystification of  "The Moonier Bliss" "Moonier" means Romance.. "Bliss" is the smile brought through it.. "Moonier" has different magical forms.. It is whn a mom holds her child for d 1st time..wid tears in her eyes.. It is whn a dad wakes up his child early in morning n lifts her on his back.. It … Continue reading Mystification of “TheMoonierBliss”

Humsafar Lyrics review and Love confessions-2 together😉

Humsafar song (Badrinath ki dulhaniya) Youtube link Today lyrics review🎼 and love confession ❤ together... First talking about lyrics review. The song is the perfect combination of lyrics and music. Even if you have never experienced love,you can still feel love with this song. Song Credits:Song: HumsafarMovie: Badrinath Ki DulhaniaSinger: Akhil SachdevaMusic / Lyrics: Akhil … Continue reading Humsafar Lyrics review and Love confessions-2 together😉

Cheti chand/Gudi Padwa/Chaitra Navratri

Sindhi new year Cheti chand Marathi new year Gudi Padwa Hindu new year : Chaitra New year Vikram samvat: Year 2074 starts,what it is? So, basically today is very auspicious day marking collectively and scientifically again Spring's Ping. How rich is the culture of India that to celebrate a season beginning, we have so many festivals and … Continue reading Cheti chand/Gudi Padwa/Chaitra Navratri