Mutual break up – 4

It was her who broke first

But she managed

and moved ahead with hope

Then it was he who started to shake

He failed to understand her bold steps

The understandings turned into 


Just few days of seperation 

And unspoken words

Just broke their crust

How can it happen

They were once lovers  

now you will wonder


It was necessary may be 

And was to happen probably 

Because both cannot move

with same force and same distance 

On getting seperated

One will move ahead

And other will feel cheated and left out

All he will do is panic and shout

It was impossible 

For her to understand his trouble

He who always was his best well wisher

Could not see her moving ahead 

Could not see her doing well

Or Was this mutual breakup 

Searching a reason

To survive little longer

Was this all happening

So that they could 

Truely seperate

Hating each other

As mutually two people can only love

And not hate

Now only their destinies

Knew their real fate!

So, this was a unexpected twist to our story.May be most of you will not like this twist even I am not liking it…after writing. But thats how things go in real life, most of the times we have to face unexpected and disheartening twists no matter how much we hate it.  

How the mutual breakup moves ahead, do read the next part.

Till then keep spreading love!

Your loving warrior


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