Social media and todays scenario

 “Social media” the thing we can’t ignore much, direct or indirect we are hyper involved with it. Social media is something which allows individual to share, receive, exchange and as well as protest. The 1st ever social media site was came active in 1997 with the name “” which helped people to make profile and interact with friends. In 1999, 1st blogging site became popular creating a social media sensation that is still popular today. From then till now social media has only seen enrichment in its carrier.

Different persons have different perceptions or define social media differently. Some says it is a way to be connected and exchange a few words with natives, some have a perception that it is a way through which they can share or collect information, some find it a way for being updated and some say it is a new marketing strategy. With above belief it can wrap up that social media play a big ingredient in everyone’s lives. People find it so convenient than that of going to a music shop they just sing in with YouTube, Wink Music, and Savaan etc to listen to their favorite songs. Information seekers find twitter and other news apps easy to get news and information they want, rather flipping the pages of newspapers. People nowadays find WhatsApp, Hike, Instagram etc more valuable then get-together. Students have search engine like Google which they find much more effortless then consulting a teacher. There are some social media which help find jobs, use banks on their finger tips etc. With above phrases it looks so trouble-free to do with social media.

But there comes a question “if the entire thing looks and experience so easy to do with social media, is there not something weird if society is extremely reliant on social media. How strong can social media influence and have power over people’s lives?”  Finding answer to this question is somewhat difficult by seeing today’s scenario, as social media has became itself a virtual world. Virtual world in logic that there an individual can do protest, ask for help, can be in touch with others, can build a relationship, can earn money etc. Contradiction to such easy experience is that the information circulated is not absolutely authentic. It’s better to use social media as an entertaining tool then relaying over it for legitimacy.


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