Inspirational thoughts – 1

Discipline does not mean 🤔control,Discipline means having sense to do exactly what🤗 is needed.

Infinte faith 😋and strength are the only conditions of success.😎

Past and memories are like 😀treadmill,It gives you a lot of exercise but never takes you anywhere.😏

Every struggle 😶you had in your life shapped into the person you are today.Hardtimes can also be used for making you stronger.☺

You are not attached😑 to people you like or love,your attachment to those you dislike or hate😥 is much deeper.

Control means to confine something with certain limits,don’t control your life liberate it.😃

Tomorrow, a day that never came

 but manage to spoil every game

One day it takes all the blame😅

The basis of all fear and shame

Cripples the blossoming of life’s flame🙄

A spoiler that makes life a dream

Traps the limitless possibility into limited scene

A day that never comes but world it rules😋

The mind is society’s garbage bin.Everyone who passes by stiffs something into it.  😐

Don’t aspire for result,your ☺aspiration should be to grow beyond your own limitations quick😌

Don’t hold back😒 your love and your joy.Only what you give becomes your quality and not what you hold back😮🤓.

This collection  was gifted by a awesome friend of mine to me once. Today just found it again between my books.

For me and me only. Thank you so much dear😊 

But as you guys 😁 might be knowing  by now that its impossible for me to not share 🤐any good thing with you all.So, sharing it here!
I wish all of us remain inspired forever!

And again a thanks to the friend who took efforts to gift me this collection.Waiting to meet you soon.

Happy reading!

Keep spreading love!

Good night friends.

Yours loving 😄

Warrior Naina🤗

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