Mr. Someone – 2

To the one With whom I could liberate To the one To whom I will not deny in any state To the one Who will entangle me so well To the one To whom I will be missing like hell To the one Whose gravity will be above mine To the one  Who will make … Continue reading Mr. Someone – 2

Inspirational thoughts – 1

Discipline does not mean 🤔control,Discipline means having sense to do exactly what🤗 is needed. Infinte faith 😋and strength are the only conditions of success.😎 Past and memories are like 😀treadmill,It gives you a lot of exercise but never takes you anywhere.😏 Every struggle 😶you had in your life shapped into the person you are today.Hardtimes … Continue reading Inspirational thoughts – 1

Social media and todays scenario

 “Social media” the thing we can’t ignore much, direct or indirect we are hyper involved with it. Social media is something which allows individual to share, receive, exchange and as well as protest. The 1st ever social media site was came active in 1997 with the name “” which helped people to make profile and … Continue reading Social media and todays scenario