True love-2

Love-True or untrue!

 What true love is

I often wonder

And then what untrue love is 

I more often ponder

I mean how to distinguish it 

From one which is false

Attraction” which is 

often called 

That seldom feeling,what if 

you have got more often

What if, you have got many

Who can heal you broken

All I can gather is

then the confusion

Amidst the feeling 

Of that special intution

What I conclude then 

Is that

Love is commitment

And that is what 

Both partners ultimately want 

Love true or untrue

Is a writeup,

With almost unpredictable font!


Happy reading!

May everyone gets the true love soon, if at all it exists.

Have a great day ahead!

Yours loving 

Warrior Naina

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