Love confusion 

He loves me or loves me not!

“Why are you so matured😡

You love me😋

why can’t you confess😒”

Irritated she said😤

“Hmmm hmmm ”

that was all that followed☺

She then thought 🤔

may be he is waiting 😄

for the right time😊

When he would be stable😃

and would achieve 😋

his career goal😍

May be that day 🤗

he will confess his soul 😙🙆

But she was😀

 still not sure 

 of her thoughts 🙄

“Tell me you love me 

or love me not😋”

She again questioned him 

and faught

“Hmm hmm “😏

That was all that again followed

Disheartened girl 😓

Felt the pain but swallowed🤕

“Why do you want to define?😒

We are happy, are we not?😏

 Lets not name this and make ourselves confine “🙂

Said the guy 🙄

with the same sweet smile ☺

which was the reason😁

she had walked with him miles😉

But seeing his resistance to define🤔

She became sure😤 he is not the one who could ever confine.😬

Yes ! he loves me not😡

The girl made clear thought😵♥🙅

“Hmm hmm ” followed😒

But this time it was not him😏

But her😌🙎

Who was left speachless😟

Who felt breathless😢

and again she felt the pain😫

But again she shallowed.😟

And then he said with harsh and at the same time caring voice😏

“You also focus on your career

We need to focus more 🙄

Forget this relation thought

This in not 😎 the right time 

to store such thought

And with this 🙍🤔

He again left her confused😥

Does he love me

Or  he loves me not😏

On one side he cares🤗

On the other he depicts🤔

As if not at all  caught😏

He has no feelings at all 🙅

Or is he just too matured😀

Again she wondered 😐

Again she thought🤔

Does he loves me

Or does he not😐🙄

Are you expecting right time from a wrong person or he is perfectly right person and you have just failed to understand him?

Have you ever went through such a situation in your life or a friend’s life. If yes, you will definitely connect.If no,after reading this I hope you will connect.

Happy reading!

Keep connecting to our writings and keep spreading love😄

Till then good night !

Sleep well

Yours loving 🤗

Warrior Naina😉


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