Love confusion 

He loves me or loves me not! "Why are you so matured😡 You love me😋 why can't you confess😒" Irritated she said😤 "Hmmm hmmm " that was all that followed☺ She then thought 🤔 may be he is waiting 😄 for the right time😊 When he would be stable😃 and would achieve 😋 his career goal😍 May be … Continue reading Love confusion 

True love – 3

​But if there are conditions in love  Is it suitable to call it love!  True you are when you are confused  True you are when you don’t know how to choose  Its also true that there are many  And to heal us have ability uncanny  And nothing truer when you say  Distinguish, how, between true … Continue reading True love – 3