True Love-1

Seldom we meet persons, with whom we feel a certain connect that is unique that we even understand the silence, the selfless love, which does not expect anything in return of love just it believes in spreading affection. The happiness which entails in the smile of the beloved exceeds any material thing in the world. You may not see them for years or talk with them for days, still they live in your heart for every second you live. The moment you feel down and out the mere thought of them life you up. When you see yourself with their eyes you feel how special you are and that fills with you a confidence that makes you fight the world again. Dedicating the poem to one such person with whom I share such a mutual bond. Enjoy Reading !!


The day we first met

The day we again talked

And that splendid avenue

For hours we had walked


The things we never said

Though we subtly conveyed

And the niche in our heart

For each other we made


Those baring of emotions

To others we wouldn’t share

That concern for wellbeing

That deep affection and care


The invisible thread of kinship

That tugs us in solitude

The admiration and motivation

Through which we build fortitude


The way we sense the agony

The other is going through

And likewise become a part

Of each other sufferings too


Etched they are deeply

Within my heart

And till eternity

They will be my part


Loved the introduction Prankies

And ofcourse the poem also.

True love, the invisible unseperable bond.😍

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving 

Warrior Naina

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