One sided love-3

Cheezy you crazy me!

 Am I just crazy😏

 or you are more cheezy🤔

 that I can’t stop myself🙄

 from falling for you😍

I hate addictions and😾

I know I shoud’nt 🤐

make predictions 😥

Of the causes😏

why you fail to 🙄

equally get attract to me😔

But I still miss you so much😏

Or  I miss me more😐😑

When you were not 😏

my mind’s subject😋

Tell me where was me😑😐

I wan’t to return back 😣

To me,a world of😥

 less of crazy me🙄

I  wan’t to return back😶

To the the world of😑

Less of  cheezy you🙄

Less of addictive me😋

Less of addictive you huhh😐👊

Happy reading!

Yours loving

Warrior Naina

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