One last time

First of all Thanks a lot warriornaina, for making me an author on your sweet and lovely blog, I’m not much of a writer let alone a poet, still i’d try to express my random thoughts on this platform…

Many a times we get into relationships in which we pour our heart and slowly the relation grow so much onto us that at the time of seperation, we cringe and get aghast over prospective loom. Though personally I believe in moving forward with the options nature gives , with a rational outlook, sometimes the Mr Hyde in me comes out with a piece full of emotions deeply concealed.

So, presenting my farewell song with you all , hope you’ll like it.


Work and life are playing a tug

You are too far to give me a hug

Leaning o on shoulders I want to cry

Into my heart I want you to pry


Hold my hand n lets take a walk

Day in day out I want you to talk

Stare on waves beside the sea

sitting Lovingly, just you and me


Sitting there we’d share a laugh

Cutting down our problems to half

In your eyes I wanna get lost

Though Huge a fortune it’d cost


One day, I know, you LL walk away

From the night to brightening day

To the destiny you are bound

And the success you’d found


But what I’d do with you not here

How will now i manage dear

From the beginning i might start

Smile on face but sadness in heart


And in those depressing hours

Who will listen to internal wars

Though you might be going away

And in future,speak we never may


I’ll keep my smile all the while

And always , i pray, you’d smile

though i may not be the best friend you got

Just a request that forget me not


I need a favour from you

May I accord a farewell to you

One day of your life is what I yearn

Nothing other than you I want to discern


though apprehensive you may be

Just for a day; be with me

And heed to  request of mine

For just just one  last time


Dear Prankies,

Thanks for joining me here!

First a formal warm welcome!🤗

And second the poem is so good😍, as a reader I just went into it.

I loved most of the lines but best one for me was

“To the destiny you are bound

And the success you’d found”

Yes the destiny! the wiser one😏.Hope everyone here is going to enjoy this farewell song.

Happy reading to all!

Yours loving

Warrior Naina

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