Mutual breakup- 1

They never faught😟

There were no misunderstandings at all🤓

She was loyal🙂

He was loveable and trustworthy☺

Neither she lied🤐

Nor he offended😮

But they just ended🤐

Societal reasons they had😥

But tragedy was more sad😣

They say , ex lovers can’t even be just friends😶😢😭

But they best suited to be best friends😀

But now they have to leave away😐

Because they ended all the stuff😑

People call it Mutual breakup😏

So, here is a new series started Mutual breakup and one sided love is not complete,more articles to it will be added soon.

Till then keep spreading love!😄

Have a nice day folks!

Yours loving😁

Warrior Naina🙄

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