Mutual breakup – 3

Its not that they were not missing each other🙄

Its not that everything now was fine

Afterall they were each others lifeline😥

It was tough but not impossible😏

Trying to seperate but everything was creating trouble😑

Seperation required sticking to their decision bubble😐

Making choice was definitely tough 

But keeping the choice was getting tougher😯

Were they now more to suffer😔

Or were they moving towards a world better😫

That decision will prevail 😕

Only when sticking to it remains at both ends with equal force😞

Even if one end weakens, they both will fail😟

Both of them have dialed each others’ number a hundered times in their phone😢

But managed to disconnect each time they connected their phones🤕

Helpless they were😩

because now they have ended all the stuff😰

People call it Mutual break up 😡

sticking to their decisions was now getting more tough😤😒😓

After the romantic valentine write ups, taking this painful topics is making me also tough😅🤐😝!

Anyways keep enjoying poetry!

Keep spreading love!

Signing off 

Good night!

Yours loving🤗

Warrior Naina😄

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