Mutual breakup – 3

Its not that they were not missing each other🙄 Its not that everything now was fine Afterall they were each others lifeline😥 It was tough but not impossible😏 Trying to seperate but everything was creating trouble😑 Seperation required sticking to their decision bubble😐 Making choice was definitely tough  But keeping the choice was getting tougher😯 … Continue reading Mutual breakup – 3

Mutual breakup -2 

Yes! They had that rare thing We call platonic love Serene as ganges Pure as white dove They understood each other well Could read what’s on other’s mind And confort in one another’s company They always find They celebrated the oneness And respected the diffrences And when they talked Never drew wrong inferences He made … Continue reading Mutual breakup -2 

Confusing souls just check with your ultimate goal!

 am a kind of persons who many times has confusions. Do I do this or should I go for that🤔? May be because I am a thinker😉 😎,you see! The above solution is an advice given by a friend of mine who is quite sorted and clear.🙄..😏 So, I thought I should share. Whenever in … Continue reading Confusing souls just check with your ultimate goal!

Mutual breakup- 1

They never faught😟 There were no misunderstandings at all🤓 She was loyal🙂 He was loveable and trustworthy☺ Neither she lied🤐 Nor he offended😮 But they just ended🤐 Societal reasons they had😥 But tragedy was more sad😣 They say , ex lovers can't even be just friends😶😢😭 But they best suited to be best friends😀 But … Continue reading Mutual breakup- 1