One sided love-2

If you got connected with the previous post “one sided love -1”,do read this one ,it will give you more of positivity and ways to have some positivity even from your one sided love!

Priyank Goel

​One sided loves are always sad 

For seldom anything breaks you(that) bad 

Still I believe it’s worth a shot 

Once in life one shd give a thought

or Love is a feeling wonderful 

For emotions, nothing is a better school 

The first thing which makes you do SWOT

And keeps you busy in fanciful thoughts 

You strive to become better everyday 

It’s one of the best motivation some say 

You love them with all your heart 

In your life they are now an indispensable part 

And different outputs you might get 

When words in mouth come straight 

Lucky ones will rejoice with reciprocating

Rest have to,though, deal with frustration 

For frustrated ones I have an advice 

Let go and continue with your life 

Though you have given your best 

But tough was it to not pass the test 

But then give it a thought someday 

They love someone else, they say 

Then are you so selfish in your love 

That their happiness don’t count much??

If you have love them deepest 

You will understand what I suggest 

The smile of beloved is much more divine 

So sundry emotions it entwines

And once you are happy to let go 

You ll again be able to grow 

For a love, true one, never weakens my friend

And despite one sided it gives a lot strength

May be, what he is saying is😌 true,try and  get strengths 😀from love in your life,even if it is one sided.☺

Till then keep spreading love!🤗

Yours loving😋

Warrior Naina😄

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