​A wow😊

for that smile😁

my friends today wore🤗

A wow😄

for that happiness😍

their voices today store😊

I know there are more wows😌

we are to hear😊

in this lengthiest race☺

Again a wow😄

for awesome success😀

and happiness they today embrace😋


and a pending wow for a friend 🙄

who is left behind🙄

Don’t worry dear

I am also with you😶

We are going to soon catch up with race.😇

and the last Wow 😍

to the almighty🤗

for all his grace 😊💓

I wish all my readers also get all the wows and success in life!😊

Good night friends!

Signing off

Yours loving 😊

Warrior Naina 😁

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