The mysterious staircase!

​Oo You Miss mysterious staircase!😎

How do you always manage 😏

landing me in the same place😥🤔

I learn,then run,then move and go

up and up 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

facing your every passing throw😀

and in no time you bring me down to the 

start point again😣😒🙁

Can’t you feel how much it pains🤕😓

In your which step😯😮

my struggle will be over😟😖

Just trying to configure you😔😞

Are you configuring me too🤔😫

Or you are just testing my patience 😤😠

If its that so😳😧

you have a Stubborn passenger ,Miss staircase!

The day is approaching😑

Your mysteries will soon be unfold

Just found on which step I am standing now😮

And just counted how many to go😒

If with every passing day,you are growing mysterious more😋 

Along with you,I am getting more stubborn for sure😎

Keep facing your struggles!

I know each one of you is walking into 

a mysterious 😌 staircase of love,career family and much more….

But keep walking with courage as thats the only thing you can do and because you never know when your struggle ends.

Till then keep spreading love !

Yours loving warrior😏



2 thoughts on “The mysterious staircase!

  1. Its not struggle…. You are here to make a long journey…!! Because your destination is bit far from others…..!!!
    It will take some more time…

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