(Valentine special)Love sense❤🤗!!

Love which is often considered Nonsense😅😂 by all the ” so called ” mature and grown😁

Waste of money 😜and time😛it is,they say

complexes 😣and into undefined😂😥consequences you will have to pay

and unfortunately😋 thats true and known😐

But somewhere at some corner of their hearts,every human on this planet does believes🙄

The only difference being some accept 😌some don’t😝….

but I am sure you will agree that each one who says so,has also at some point of time felt its power😋 and can not deny😋

The power of love which is divine😍 

Just no less than the soothing sunshine🤗😃

Such a popular Nonsense is probably the highest human sense🤓😊🤗

Along with fragrance 😁and sweet essence😄

Love has lots of strength 😎😊

The strength which is capable enough🙄

To take you to both sides😌

Good💗 or bad💣….its your choice!!

If you choose to go on good side, you can go to its best ray🤗

Tajmahal,the love epitome,was created this way😍

Krishna Radha, and thier love, is a magical place to stay😃😇

If you choose on good side😀

The highest strength, this love sense promises to lay😊

If on bad side, worst you cannot escape and you will never get to rest.😑😐

Devdaas, we all know his story🙄,a young intelligent lad lost in dismay and jest

Romeo Juliet,Heer Ranjha could not keep their behest😏😐

I don’t say their love was wrong/they had choosen bad side but may be learning from them we can choose a more intelligent side🤔☺

So its better to choose your love sense with intelligence😎

Put your heart into your brain😁😄

And your brain into your heart😁😃

And wisely combine your love sense with intellegence😎

After all it will decide your highest strength🤗

But once you have choosen😃😍

Let the brain and heart be lost😛

Forget everything🤓 and just love more😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 and more

Experience 😊 your life like never before!

Happy Valentine’s day ❤⚘ to all of you!

Wish each one of you get the love sense and intelligence properly applied !😊

Wish everyone get soon… the knots correctly tied!😉

Enjoy your day!😄😅

Keep spreading love!🤗

Yours loving 😄

Warrior Naina😋

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