(Promise day spsl)Promise me💘⚘💑 to never promise me anything fake!🙅🗣💃😏

Promise me to promise😀

Only a permanant promise🤓

A pinky promise that will never break🤗

Promise me to be never fake.😏

I don’t want a promise cake,🙅
Much like  the one politicians make for nameshake,🗣🤓

That ensures nothing but heart break,💔😧

Promise me to be never fake.😠

If you want to promise me ever🤐

First Promise me to keep that promise forever😮🤓

Only then give me your promise’s stake😤😃

Promise me you will never be fake🙁

And when you agree to promise me🤗

To be never fake😁😄

I promise to promise you in return 🤗

a Trust ❤👣 to you that will never shake

But first promise me You will never be fake.😎😅😋

The above promise to be never fake is the only recepie of trust.🙂🙄
Just make it to your loved ones on this promise day.😊😀

Hope all your relationships last forever!

Happy promise day dear readers!😄

Yours loving 😅

Warrior Naina😇


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