(Hug day spsl)Be those warm arms❤

Whenever you get a chance😌

Be those sharing arms 🤓

That encloses a needy🙁

Your kindness😙

May change a greedy😋

Whenever you get a chance😌

Be those strong arms🙄

That encloses a failed lad😑

Your encouragement😮

May make him glad🙂

May be god gave us two arms not one

To enclose a heart broken😄

May be he gave us arms in pair😅

To remove all despair 😁😀

And make everything  fair😊🤗


Whenever you get a chance😌

Be the caring arms 😙

That encloses a woundy🙄

Your warmth😀

May help him heal speedy🤗

Happy hug day frnds….

Use your arms to warm a needy. Thats  the true essence of this day.

But how can we forget our relationships…a hug can make them more special.

So, below lines for your loved ones.

Dedicate them today on hug day.

Whenever you get a chance🙂

Always😌be those warm arms😮

That encloses your best friend tight

Your loving gesture😄👌

May make you both feel alright🤗🤓

Lastly few lines for your valentine on this hug day  because afterall valentine week is going on.

Whenever you get a chance😁

Don’t forget to romance ⚘😉

Always😌be those loyal arms😙

That encloses your soulmate😍

Your warmth😊😄⛤

May make your relationship great🤗


Again wishing 😁

Happiest hug day to my readers! 

Keep spreading love😄💗 

Yours loving 😊

Warrior Naina🤗

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