(Valentine spsl)What is love⚘❤? Lets define this valentine😄

Photography : Neha Asawa

This is week of valentine

The days when life is in the rhyme

Attraction affection and that care

All say love is in air

Chocolates roses are high in demand

Sort of monopoly they do command

Many will go out to dine

Some dates would be clandestine

And all there cards, some would show

A lingering thought, for some wd be though

But with love all around the place

A serious question I do face

And sometimes I lazily brood

What is love ? I can’t conclude

Definitions it has several though

With names so sundry it surely go

As it comes in various hues

It is simple , and yet abstruse

Ironical emotions it enthuse

Always it makes me confuse

Ecstasy of heaven and agony of hell

Simultaneously both prevail

since genesis the debate goes

Frantically searching for it’s cause

Hypothalamus, the physicians blame

It is heart, the poets claim

For some it is basal desire 

And have consequences dire

Others link it to indestructible soul

Achieving bliss is only goal

Friends, for some, It signifies

And much more that meet the eyes

Love is what How can I define

How in words , it, should I confine

Written by 

Mr. Priyank Goel

Hi frnds,

The writter of the above poem is like an elder brother to me.

How in words,it,should I confine😁👍  

That was really lovely, perfect and intelligent end👌😄 by Priyank bhaiya.
And now I want to add after reading so many examples of love written by him.

So, here is my end and conclusion.

May be love is 

Ecstasy of heaven and agony of hell

Prevaling Simultaneously 😅

May be  love is 

a basal desire😃 endlessly 

May be love is

linked to a indestructible soul😀

May be love is

Achieving bliss 😍 at its best role

May be love is 

All about experiencing perfect Friendship 😙🤗

All I conclude is

Love is what we end up experiencing deep

May be  thats the defination we happily keep😉😁!

Now why not you define what love is !❤

Waiting for your comment below 👇😉

Keep enjoying the love season at poeticstore!😍

Take care and keep reading more!😄

Have a nice day😃

Yours loving 😙


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