(Teddy day spsl)Teddy bear🐻Teddy bear🐻 turn around😋💑(Valentine💘version)

He is the only one who grows along with us😅.

Isn’t it amazing!😃 

Like we grew from our innocence of being child to a romantic lover…
He grew from being a childhood toy 👇

😃  into a love symbol 😉.👇

And all this happened in just few couple of years.☺😀😅
Mixing our both the memories with teddy bear, childhood joy and teenage love,presenting you valentine 💘version of our favourite 🤓🤗nursery rhyme😄 

Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

turn around😄😅

Make him clear🤔,make him hear🤔

my heart’s sound😏😀

Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

polish your shoes😄😋

Make him clear😏,Make him hear🤔,

 my love clues🤓😌

Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

reach up high💘🙄

Tell him dear😙,say him dear😉,

to be my sky🤗❤

Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

bend down low😃😁

Make him clear😎, Make him hear😃,

my heartbeat’s flow😙

Teddy bear🐻, Teddy bear🐻,

 Go to bed😋

In his soulder😄, being little 😉bolder,

I wanna rest my head🙈😁,

Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

turn off the light😉⚘💘,

I wanna feel asleep, in a deep sleep😊

Holding both of you tight🙈😄💑🐻

Happy teddy day to all of you!🐻😍
Stay blessed !😋

Keep loving your teddy bear😉🤗
Yours loving😄


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