(Chocolate day spsl)My chocolate box 😚🍫

When I have you 🍫😌

I feel richer😅😉

I am just happy and satisfied😄🤗

Sometimes I immediately want to eat you to fulfill my delight😀🍫

And sometimes I keep you in cupboard and just forget your might🤔🙅🙆 

But then sometimes it happens that you are unavailable to me😣 

I search you and try very hard but cannot reach you for free😥😮😢 

At that time I almost get cravings 😏😣
Its better therefore to keep you as savings😀😃😎!!

Hi friends,

The above line for my chocolate box and for some of  my people who are exactly the same for me

When they are not with me , I starve for them😥

When they are there, I sometimes end up neglecting them🙄😔

This chocolate day  if you have friend who is chocolate of your life ….go and tell him..how you starve for him.☺

And also say him sorry for neglecting at times.😔

Keep your chocolate box full always!🙄

Cherish them as your savings!😀😎

Wish you sweetest choclate day this time.🍫🍬🍭🍫🍭🍬🍫💖💖💖💖

Good bye 😃

sweet dreams☺

Yours loving😚

Warrior Naina🤗


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