(Propose day spsl)Her blushing ‘yes’😊🤗

Her hands were made 👋😍

To feel his soothing touch ❤🙈

His eyes were made👀😊

To make her feel pretty as such 😄🤗

His strong hands and her delicate attire 

To make them feel the warmest fire 😙😊

Although she did not ask for it at all🙄 

as she already understood his call😌😊

But like every girl,she also wished to hear him🤗😃😄making that formal

This is very obvious,though a little girly 💅 but normal👰😄

“It would be like my imagination” 🤔😄 always thought that pretty girl

Then one day finally her prince made a mesmerizing proposal🙈😀 

It was not her imagination but even better than her guess,😀😉

She had also prepared a lot for this moment and finally time had come to confess😀💖

But when it happened she was amazed beyond her own guess😍

 and she got completely clueless,😃😅

 All her plans just got reduced to less,😉😅

All she did was,giving a blushing ‘yes’.


Happy propose day to my readers!

May be this is the reality that happens to most of us. Some moments cannot be planned! 

 tabhi to galib ne bhi kya khoob kaha hai 

“Ishq pe zor nahin

Ye vo aatish hai galib

Jo lagaye na lage

Aur bujhaye na bane”

I Think Propose day is all about that surprise element  and that blush😄🤗 which only a girl can experience and that blushing yes😍 which only a guy can perfectly hear.😄

May all the love birds get formal ‘Yes’ this valentine!

Keep enjoying this week💖

Remain poetic and have a peaceful sleep.

Good night✌

Signing off 🙋

Yours loving🤗

Warrior Naina😋


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