Discuss it with “someone”😀,this someone can be anyone🤗 but please do dicuss!😋😋

Pic credit : Neha Asawa

Even If you you have clarity in you thoughts😋 and vision😀😎

Its impossible to avoid 😆😅fears, tensions and confusions

And knowingly☺ or unknowingly🤔

This is the time when you will forget all your moral lessons🙄

At that time, if you don’t Discuss to someone your fear😲,tensions😖 and confusions😞  

In a near future,you will surely have complications 😫😓 and depression😣😥

So,please gather courage and discuss

To someone you feel trust for true😋 

Or to someone who has full trust on you😊

This “someone” if is “a friend” in your life😁😁

He/she will give you immediate warmth and positive vibe😄😄

Or if this “someone” if is  your mom or dad or any” gaurdian”🤓🤓

You may not get immediate warmth and attention.You may get scoldings too😶😏

But your problem will get solved and stress will sue🤗🤗

But if this “someone” if is your “almighty”, your God😇😇

Your problem may not get solved😑😑

You may fell no warmth at all😣😣

But you will get strength😊😎for sure

Which will be your best cure😍😍

All this I am writing from my personal experience’s arena😃😀

I have been in above all situations and therefore I call myself a Warrior Naina😋

So, these is my humble request to my readers… please never fail to discuss it to your someone…it may be anyone…but please do discuss…your fears, tensions and confusions😀😀😀😀

And then  you will never have any compications and depression🤓

And if like me you want warmth, solution and strength all three at the same time😃😃

Go…discuss it with a frnd , a guardian and your almighty …with all three at the same time😀😃

And Yes… probably this is possible,if you are lucky enough, 

And you find a frnd,a guardian and your God in a same person 😅 

No matter when…sooner or late..🙃

Grab him…he is your fate

he/she  is your soulmate!!!😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

Lets end this with a wish that everyone including me get our soulmates soon!!

 till then take care…

And don’t fail to discuss…do discuss …discuss it with someone😋

Keep reading !

Keep smiling !

Yours loving

Warrior Naina


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