POETIC NEWS ANALYSIS on Union Budget 2017(part -1 : Breaking old traditions and reduction of Income tax for middle class)

# Breaking old traditions

( no more seperate rail budget, no more plan and non plan distinction, advancing of budget date to early feburary)

Breaking its old traditions and might😃
For the 1st time it has come such early😄

A fortnight before ❤Valentine’s night😆😅😂😂😂😂😂

Now no more plan and non plan distiction exists👏👏😄

everyone on social media have become economists😂😂😂

So, I thought why should not I try😋😁😉

So here is Warrior_naina Presenting before you😊

Budget 2017 🤑🤑🤑 and its breaking highlights😎

# Reduced income tax for middle class

(Proportionate taxation,rich charged more, poor charged less)

Informing Budget2k17’s highest delight✌😍
Good news for Indian Middle class,its time for you to be happy and bright🤗🤗

Lower income tax rate and increased tax slab,what a wonderful sight✌✌☺☺☺

This will definately end your tax fight😙

Hope😏 now, you won’t search for any evading light😮

Paying your part you will contribute to nation’s plight😃

But Rich India,not a great news for you,country’s warmer creatures🙃

Ofcourse,you can be happy for simplified tax filling procedures🤑😌

But you will now have to pay for your extra diet🙄

The additional “surcharge”🤐 

Painful it might me😣,”afterall you are sir charged”🙄 and thats painful to accept when earlier you were not charged😏😥 any fare

But you can still be happy and proud 😊coz in a way you are contributing  to your nation a proportionate share😎😀😁

Moral of the story😋🤗 :

When wealthy will start to share☺

And government will start to care😋

No one will be left, who will need a repair🙄

So, according to me this is the most delicious part of budget 2017😙😙…something not new but yes relief part for true😀

Hope tax evasion almost disappears by the time we reach to budget 2018🤗🤗🤗

Till then take care!

And lets just stop habbit of enjoying free rides and start giving fares😉 .Its high time,lets try and become Responsible citizens!😋😊

Both Raes (rich) and Kabil (middle class)

This budget can give you feel of sultan

If you take its Dangal with positivity😋😎

Jai hind🤓

Yours loving 


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