Transparent or translucent…which is magical🤔

Good morning!! Petals closed or petals open..🤔🤔which is better? which is magical? Where is magical world?? Magical world is where happiness is😍 sharing every feeling with your partner😄 Being completely transparent🤗 Wait a minute.. read above Is my above defination correct? If you say will say yes again...when you will read below defination … Continue reading Transparent or translucent…which is magical🤔

Be a spectator😋 who never refuses to see🤓

Good morning😇 Do you sometimes avoid certain situations,certain people just like that. May be because you are not in a mood to handle them  and worst part ... you regret yourselves afterwards 😂😂, if yes then you seriously need below lines...and if can still read below and laugh on such stupid people...yes they exist … Continue reading Be a spectator😋 who never refuses to see🤓

My inner me😎..actually its not me..its you😇

Photo credit : Neha Asawa Hello frns.. I hope you'll connect..and If not I wish you connect to it soon..It took me too late to get connected because..and I know the loss ...and I dont want my readers to feel the same toss!!🙄 So, here is today's post: My inner me😀 Is it me 🤔...or … Continue reading My inner me😎..actually its not me..its you😇

Happiness creates wonders☺😎😍😄

I am happy😄😄😄😄😄I wish to always be....the same...just happy!! Happiness😋is my energy When I am not happy, Every thing becomes messy😯😒😫🤐🙃😟😞😖🙁😒😲😞😟😢😭😭😭😭😭 When I am happy, I create wonders😍, When I am sad, I end up in blunders😖😤! When I am happy, I am able to give my 200 percent😶😎, Whent I am sad, I am … Continue reading Happiness creates wonders☺😎😍😄