Lyrics love-5

Hi friends,

Todays post for the inspirational 😇lyrics…which I am listening in loop from yestrerday “dangal dangal” after watching this inspirational movie “Dangal”….this awesome lyrics by Amitabh Bhatacharya ..I dedicate to each one of you who are struggling for your goals in life..😃

Maa😀 ke pet se marghat🤐 tak
Hai teri kahaani pag pag pyare🤓

Dangal dangal 😋

Dangal dangal😋

(So true…the day we born..till the day we die..from the mother’s womb to fuenral ground…one has to face challenges in every step🙄and fight the game of life)

Sooraj tera chadhta dhalta😀
Gardish mein karte hain taare🙂
Dangal dangal😋
Dangal dangal 😋

(Sun rises also..and sets also…like We sometimes succeed 😎and sometimes fail😥..and when the bad times😑 come…like the stars 😮in the night sky we have to fight..and this is dangal of our life)

Dhadkane chhaati mein❣
Jab dubak jaati hain💢
Peeth thapthapa💗
Unko phir jaaga💖
Baat ban jaati hai💞

(When we get nervous🙆..we feel as if even 🙎its difficult to breath…at that time💁 if we gather enough courage..and push our back…we can breath again peacefully🤗…this is how everything gets fine with our courage)

Baawle haathi si😡
Har chunauti hai re😳
Saamne khadi😬
Ghoor ke badi😰
Aankh dikhlati hai😮
Toh aankh se uski aankh mila ke🤓
Bhid jaane ka naam hai pyare🤗
Dangal dangal😋
Dangal dangal😋

(Like the mad elephant😡…challenges will come stand in front of you…and stare 😰 that time don’t you fear🙂..face it with your open eyes🤓..and just fight with it..this is how we need to face dangal of our life )

Thhos majboot bharosa😀
Apne sapno pe karna🤕
Jitne munh utni baatein😕
Gaur kitno pe karna😞

( strongly 😐trust your dreams…the more people you discuss😲..more you will get opinion…how many can you better follow your dreams🤓)

Aaj logon ki baari😖
Jo kahein keh lene de😝
Tera bhi din aayega🤓
Uss din hisaab chuka ke rehna…😎

(Sometimes when you follow your dream..people😣 laugh at you..give you that time..just ignore 😎them because today its their day..when you will reach your that time everyone will get an answer…so just ignore)

Are bhed ki hahakaar ke badle
Sher ki ek dahaad hai pyaare🦁🐯
Dangal dangal
Dangal dangal

(Don’t hear people…be the lion/lioness🦁..instead of doing panic now like the jackal…roar when your time will come..that will suffice)

Kar dikhane ka mauka😶
Jab bhi kismat deti hai😄
Gin ke taiyari ke din🤔
Tujhko mohlat deti hai🙂

(When life give you opportunities😊 also gives you a timeline…you need to grab it within that timeline..dont let it go..may be this is the last opportunity 🤔she is offering you)

Maangti hai laagat mein😮
Tujhse har boond paseena
Par munaafa badle mein🤑
Ye jaan le behadd deti hai

(And in exchange of opportunity,it  asks you to dedicate💁 your evey bit..every drop of sweat..just give may feel the pain now..but know it…in exchage of all your will get extremly high 🤗 just dedicate yourselves)

Re bande ki mehnat ko kismat🤗
Ka saadar parnaam hai pyaare😎

Dangal dangal😋

Dangal dangal😋

(Destiny also will salute your hardwork..face your dangal)😎

All the best to all those who just connected thier lifes reading this lyrics..😋

I wish you soon win dangal of your life…😊

Yours loving


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