Make a wish😄..santa🎅 may be waiting to hear yours🤗

Jingle bell🔔 jingle bell🔔jingle all the way🎷🎶🎵

Santa claus 🎅is coming around riding on a sleigh 💖

This song and those memories of schools christmas celeberation…only a convent student knows it..the joy🤗😍

Merry Christmas to my readers!!!

Today I wish all your wishes come true…hope santa comes in your life and give you all that you wished today..

So yes don’t forget to make a wish..


Sometimes we forget to make a wish..thinking we will get whatever is there in our destiny..

But may be god decides our destiny according to our wishes.. may be the intensity with which we desire decides the intensity of what we get😄😃

So do make a wish this christmas🤗

I have made mine..😋

Dear santa

Deliver my message to a my friend “mogu”….say him happy birthday…and also say him I miss him…

tell him

I don’t really understand🤔  his blades theory but yes all I want to say is I wish his messages and he himself my messenger of god (mogu) “comes back in my life” because I have made very few friends in my life and all I know is to value them….either I don’t mingle with people but if once I do I value them…and I will keep valuing till end of my life irrespective of his/her choice.
Thats real me..and I cannot help🙄

Once again a very happy birthday to u😄

And  to all those who are reading this

A merry christmas to u😚😚😚

May santa completes your wish too😋

Have fun!
Yours loving


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