With too much MOTION🙂😍🤔😥…you can’t ACT🤐!switching to the PRO version is the best option😄

Photo: whom should I listen to…heart↩ or ↪brain?🤔

Hi friends,

This post is for people like me who believe in finding messages hidden in everything 😋😄

Like WORDS🎵🎶

Words sometimes speak for themselves!

One who is ” eMOTIONal” has so much motion.

So, if you want thrilling motions and excitement in life…remain emotional😍😄🙂😶😐😣

Only one who is”PraACTical” has power to Act.

So, if you want perfect actions in your life…remain practical😎

But only one who is ApPROpriate acts in a PRO version..professionally perfect😄

So, if you want to be professionally  perfect …just reamain appropriate..both emotional and practical being whichever is appropriate😊 at the moment😄..

And Remain wordly wise😁

Yours loving

WarriorNaina 😄

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