Reading back my trustworthy stock😀😋

If you have ever pen down your experiences good or bad and just read it after sometime…this post is about you😄

Reading😳 back the diary, to which I entered my experiences 📖
Is like living back to those past senses😄 

Is like feeling eveything back without any fences🙄

I just felt the smell of the place where I sit and wrote😋

As if I just re entered my past forts🙂

and then I started tasting my past toasts🍪🍭🍰🍫

Byte by byte I could then evaluate😶

My achievements,my success,my past delays🙁

Its like I took a pause 🤔

To look back 😑and garnish the leftover with some sauce🍧🍶

And to better analyse all the clause😞

all the ifs.. cleared along with all the delay’s cause😕 

And this made me enjoy this pause…📖

Thank you dear diary😃

You truely deserve applause👏👏

You safely keep my all backlogs😍😗

You are indeed a trustworthy😍 stock!!!

Keep writing 

Love for all the personal diaries and diary writers in the world😄

Yours loving


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