Magic… Happy birthday🎁

Hi’s post dedicated to my friend with whom I share a magical bond..

This post for all the people who have Magic in thier life and to all those who are magic in someone’s life😄😙

Magic chai bana na😄 plss

Missing those tea breaks

Dear Magic, 
Where from should I start..

from polity classes where a tall head disturbed me…or from that prank call😉..or from that first time I randomly said you u live in the same street…😄or from that your republic day vip pass😉…from our group studies..or shall I start from your beautiful mole 🙈😉hehe or those evenings in park or from the 5 months in which I have missed you😟


There is nothing common between us😋

You are completely a contrasting personality😥

Focused ( I wish to learn it from you) 😍

practical (me completely full of emotions)😏

Someone who doesn’t think too much (I can’t stop thinking)🙄

Kanjoosh khadushh (ye to mai bilkul ni hu)😃😆

But still we share a bond..🤗

This itself is no less than magic😄

Hope our friendship lasts forever!

From chilhood only

In magic I believed💖

magical I lived💖


I don’t remember why and when🤔

This name to  you did i give..😃🎨


May be something magical happened because of you 😗

Thanks for  always being there whenever I needed you👯

Thanks for always giving me time when ever I said💆

I don’t remember the exact moment👧

I got so near to you🙈

But I  remember every moment I got happy because of you😊

Every tea sips with you⛾

Every secret I don’t know why.. I just spoke to you🙊

Whatever was the reason😾

Was it all your plan and trap😽

I just went into magic’s prison😜

But one thing I am sure now that😒

I can not now get out of it..🤓

Even If I have enough reasons😐

When I talk about you or talk to you😁

 I can just talk endlessly..whatsoever be the season …i can talk endless about you even without reason😁😁

I can’t just let you leave my life🤔

You are my positive vibe😍

Without you I will strive😢

Even when I had a reason🙁

My most important relationship was feeling treason🤐

I just could not  go out of you😌

May be because magic lives between us two🤗

And I just want more magic in future..😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

All the very best 4 ur exams 😎

May your bday be magical😗

And exams be supermagical..😗😗

Just wishing you happpy wala bday

Always b my magic😇 please🤓

Miss u very much!! 😙


Pyari Naina

Thank you 4 reading…my dear frnds

Signing off

Yours loving


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