Most dynamic part of my 2k16🏍😎 I now finally love u 2k16😙

Pic credit : neha asawa

This post to remind you to evaluate your year…year end is approaching friends😄 
Today I sit and evaluate
Have I wasted past 4 months🤔 …

August😐 september😶 october 😏and november😕

In just all useless ember🤐


In all this months this is all I just remember…😑

Was I supposed to do all this🙄
Then my inner voice 😎answers


Not a waste at all

So much I have done

I Just managed to live these 4 months like 4 years…

That just It wiped my past year’s tears..

From failure to develope a courage to handle my failure😀😬👿

Ganesh chathurti to diwali🙎

School frnds to my family kith and kins👧

New car to new gym to new mobile👧

Food to flowers to… rangoli👧

Poems to..even fights..lost some frnds (mogu)…really hard fights and misunderatandings with my sister …🙉

So much of discussions with my Maa and Paa..🙅🙏

And so much of affection from my grandpaa..🙌

With so much of missing of some frnds distanced apart ☺..

And ofcourse so many new philosphiesssssssss 😁😁 and

 new goals🌍…

So muchhhhhh 

I have did yaaar!!!!

Such dynamic 4 months😎

Bdays to wedding season to …new reasons to live everyday👧

And lastly but not least studied a bit👩🙈
 I have gained all my enthusiasm back🤗
Gained  all the energy to forget my fears 😫and tears 😭 I had just 4 months back!!(sincere sorry and hearty thank you to my frnds who beared me jan 2k16 to july 2k16..I literally was so horrible)

All I have finally  got a new rack👧 

Or more appropriately 

A RENEWED rack of my life…..

Celeberating  and finally happy warrior_naina wishes her readers a very happy last month of  2k16!!!🏍

Keep reading

Keep writing 

Keep smiling


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