One Perfect morning 😀

5 am😎 This post is about you..if you have ever had a perfect morning in your life😄😄 One Perfect morning 😊  I woke before my alarm bells rang😋 One Perfect morning 🤗  I did not felt sleepy again😎 One Perfect morning 😄 My stomach also smiled and felt relieved😜 One Perfect morning 😄 I  was … Continue reading One Perfect morning 😀 has many types😎!!but afterall it is a🤗🤗 lovely experience 😍

Pic credit : Neha asawa This post dedicated to all the friendship bonds blossoming in this earth...😄 Frnship has many types : TYPE 1:You just understand ur frnd even when he/she even doesnt clearly speaks to u 👬👭 You just share a level of UNDERSTANDING🤗 Congrats 😄you have a great frndship! TYPE 2 : You … Continue reading has many types😎!!but afterall it is a🤗🤗 lovely experience 😍

What you think you choose and what you end up choosing in reality??🙄

Pic credit: gaurav bagdi What you choose??? Pyaar ya pagalpan (practical love or craziness in love)!🤔 Saying sorry or saying I will not repeat it again!🤔 Getting affected by situations or remaining unaffected and chasing your goal!🤔 Its so easy to choose when you read..😒 Its so tough to apply your choice in reality..😓

Stay interested!!🤓

Biggest challenge is😥  to remain interested..😣 anytime you can b tested🙄 I do remain so😁 Bt at times I get low😐 I want to remove this fault🤔 I never want to hault😋 Interest... the geniune one😒 With everything and everyone😓 Only way to have always fun🤗🤗 Stay interested...keep up the fun!😀