No friendzone pls!

Today I will tell you the most common story 

Atleast once in lifetime, Every one had the glory to be  part of this story …hehe

This is the most common tale

A boy and  a girl started enjoying with each other in every scale

One day the boy proposed the girl 

The girl refused and said I thought we were friends, freinds forever πŸ™‚

Boy said ..No! Now that you have friendzoned me , lets not talk any more..I cannot be your friend..I have no frnd 4ever fever

Girl said ok fine! Probably it was my mistake…I know you won’t understand but still you have to bear my explaination and hear my stand..

I now know you dont have frnds 4ever fever

But if possible…try and hear

“friendzoned” in your cruel tone.. is very different from my friendship zone.

It hurts because  despite I sensed your emotions sometimes..instead of getting rude…I tried and ignored it.. forgave you at times…thought … I am sensing wrong…..and  thought you are a good man I can befriend and just made  you a part of my friendshipzone.. hmm was I that wrong.

And it started to rain (just to make story dramatic ;))

She went away  wondering probably her mistake was not being rude at right time??but we had promised to be good frnds..even attend each others marriage and so much more… in our endless gossips…ufff forget it!! Poor girl wondered in pain

and they never met ever after again..

And they never again felt the same rain 

What a story …pain at both ends…

Who was wrong ?

Who was right ?

The side you witnessed yourself 

According to you will be more bright

I am a female and now
You can understand  I am writing about pain on which side..though in usual perception…its the girl who is labelled cruel and loveblind..

I don’t know what is the moral of this universal story

May be,  friendship is a ship in which a guy and girl  can never sail together…

They can be two things 

Lovers or strangers


Untill you find your love…you will have to learn to strive in this strange world Alone (Me and the mirror yourself)

And if you are someone who has already found your love ….you will have to learn to find everything in your lover. Congrats..Now you don’t have to be  alone …you can be two lones… two foolish clones. ( horrible!)

I wish I had a drone

Sitting on it I could fly above all these  zones

But thats not practical… may be ..not humanly possible

So…warrior piece of advice to my readers..

 Find Love or live alone

And don’t ever  try to have a friendzone

And if you don’t follow my advice..

You will be in the same zone 

Then don’t repent sitting alone!!

Be a warrior keep all the experiences in learning zone…and

Keep saying No to all frndship zone!!

Now a question 4 u…if u hv read the above post…I want to know ur answer …. Can a girl and boy can ever be just friends..or the friendzone angle always has to arise from one and love angle from other has to arise…do tell me ..can  frns 4ever exist??.waiting 4 reply..

Have great day ahead..keep reading keep writing πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “No friendzone pls!

  1. actually the problem begins when both guy and girl starts to come close… They dwell around together and talk to much share a close bond of emotions…. The closeness automatically grow…..

    But on the other side… Instead of sharing those close bond and asking for help and crying for each other all the time they should enjoy the company and stay in own confined limits… As we all know the part how a person come close… One should step back if one is moving ahead…..!!!!that’s how friendship can relay for the life time… Without that idiotic pain

    I would call this idiotic because i found nothing important in that… One is so dedicated in this friendzone that he doesn’t care of family thinking all the time about girl…. The yes the girl ask him for help all the time…….. The non sense or friend zone Begins from here

    Thats why i said if one is moving forward the other should step backward…. And stay as friends… If you really care than their is nothing like friend zone its like friends for ever…..

    But then also …. One should always walk alone because your friend also have some more other friends… So guys stop pampering and girls stop getting pampered

    Walk alone… Learn by yourself…. But always have a small support and thats your real friendship

    And yeas a boy and a girl can be friends for ever….
    Its just both of them should know limits and learn to respect and help each other rather than pampering each other…..

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  2. Dear warrior
    Loved the way you retold a story which aflicts most of the guys alike
    However I differ Slightly with your views
    Let me show you the boy.s side assuming that he loves her truly.
    Sometimes you have a friend to whom you look upon when in despair and sometimes you have friends who look up to you. But rarely you.d have one friend with whom you share such an emotional bond where you look after each other back. And when that happens the boy goes in dilemma.
    Whether to go or to not. What if she refuses me what if she stops talking what if I lose my best friend for my romantic notions
    But what if she wants me to propose
    What if she wants to take vows
    What if some one else seize the chance
    I might be a spectator while he ll take her to dance
    So balancing both pros and cons
    The boy chose to propose
    To bring an order to chaos
    And yes he was ready for being friends forever
    But this was not friendship once he savoured
    For often now and then
    He would now draw a line
    For he don’t know how far can he go to be fine. He feels if he talk to her now she might feel awkward
    And yes that makes him drag his feet backwards
    He could now feel a reproach in her voice
    He regrets now rolling the dice
    And one day she moves afar
    Leaving no number to call
    He knows now the circle is closed
    He hates himself for why he proposed
    He slowly gets on with life
    Wishing for her happiness in her every stride.
    And though they might have lost connectivity
    He is her friend for eternity

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    1. One day the boy proposed the girl
      The girl refused and said I thought we were friends, freinds forever πŸ™‚
      Boy said ..No! Now that you have friendzoned me , lets not talk any more..I cannot be your friend..I have no frnd 4ever fever
      Probably you missed this part of the post
      She leaves afar..leaving no no. to call, this never happened in the story I stated..instead the case was opposite…as if she had only choice to say yes to his proposal
      And because she said no..she looses a frnd also.

      Btw..nice to see u comment here..
      I understand afterall this is a story with sad ending and I no where deny pain on other side. He lost both a frnd and his crush

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