Simplified story of a complicated princess (episode 1)ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Once there lived a princess
She was very unhappy
She was fed up of complications
She herself choose it for her

She never treasured her friends
She never trusted herself
She never trusted her God
She never trusted her family
All she had achieved in 22 years of life was feeling of loneliness

Now she wanted to get out of it
Enough of complications
Someone please give me “SIMPLIFICATIONS”
Says the princess to her heart

Despite of so many complications
Best thing about the princess was she was a warrior at heart…
She never thought to leave or run away
She always thought of her pains
But she had some inner strength which inspired her to start fighting

And then

She started striving for simplification everyday
She started fighting with her inner self every day

She started finding ways
Finding new roads
Finding new meanings

Probably she will achieve it

she will be simplified one day

To know more about how she achieves simplification if she achieves, wait for next post in the series!!!


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