Ideal equations need Reality modifications!!

Photo courtsey:Neha Asawa

Friendship = highest comfort zone= being limitless(*^▽^*)= you can act foolish = you can act true!!!!
How good it sounds!!!

This is what I used to think💁
“Friend is someone with whom I can be as I am”

But probably in real life ,ideal equations doesn’t exist✂

May be like every relationship 😌

Friendship = comfort zone + little limits🙎

Be real
Ideal equations can exist
But reality modifications required🙌
Its not about riding on a Ideal road,that you can drive even without applying BRAKES
It is about riding on a real Indian traffic….🎌📢📣
the OPPORTUNISTIC one where everyone wants to go somewhere, even you YOURSELF✈✈
Even you are opportunistic
You want less traffic so you want others to go slow🚓🚑🚒🚗🚙 or choose another road

This where idealism fails!

I want a friend with whom I can be me , who won’t limit me, but I fail when I forget I am doing nothing bt limiting my frnd when I want my frnd to be limitless!!

No one can afford to go catching your hand!!
When everyone is opportunistic even you,
So better allow everyone to be LIMITLESS

Friends=comfortzone from both sides +limits from both sides.

And God will solve the mystery
Because everyone you befriend God brought them to you for a reason
Because how better you plan,how better you put your efforts to execute
God will give the best possible results!!

So sometimes if you go too idealistic
Do have a reality check!!!
Ideal Naina v/s Real Nainaヽ(^。^)丿


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