Warriors never die , they leave inspiration (╯︵╰,)

With a very heavy heart , today I write

Sadly this is the only thing I can do for my friend
Who has gone beyond my sight

He was my first friend in college life

He met with a very unfortunate road accident
He lost his life , things have changed just all of sudden

I today pay him tribute because he was among the best persons I have ever came across my life

Longest friend list he had
Probably there was no one whom he never made friend

Today he is gone
May be that was fate
Or probably he is now in a better place
Where light is better
Near God , near almighty, now his shelter

Well! When I think why it had to happen
I find no answer..

But there is one thing which I can boost of
My friend VISHAL was a warrior
And warriors never die
Their death leave inspiration

He has always inspired me
And will always inspire me
To befriend everyone

Friendliest person has now went to befriend stars and people in heaven

I can’t write more
I can feel uneasiness
Only I want to say is
This is the only thing I can do for you VISHAL
If I could save you ,it would have been better
This is my tribute to a gem from my treasure

My friend list is incomplete without you
My heart
My memories
All cherish you and will cherish you forever

I miss you ROMEO
Where ever you are, just wish you find peace
And you are with me and you will be with me forever!!


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