ECLECTIC ME! These are my people and these is how lucky Naina is !

Hey guys,

I have a habit of taking BEST from people around me and I have written few lines about what I took from the MOST SPECIAL people of my life!

The only aim of my life is make a bouquet of my life placing all flowers in a beautiful way!!20140307_120335.jpg

Do Comment if you like.

These are my people and

 This is how lucky, Naina is

If you want to meet my God,meet my positiveness

This is how my God is

If you want to meet my Father,meet my high dreams

This is how my Father is

If you want to meet my Mother,meet my capabilities

This is how my Mother is

If you want to meet my Grandfather,meet my determination

This is how my Grandfather is

If you want to meet my Grandmother,meet my forgiveness

This is how my Grandmother is

If you want to meet my Sister,meet my innocent heart

This is how my Sister is

If you want to meet my Besties, meet the spirit with which I live 

This is how Besties be

So,these are my people and

This is how lucky, Naina is


  1. Hello Naina,

    Thanks a lot for following my blog. Good to know about your family members, though you were pretty abstract there. 😀

    I must confess that I couldn’t get all the emojis your drew on your posts. My bad!
    I would like to know the story behind Naina turning into Warrior Naina.
    Do add an about page here. Have a great day. Happy blogging, God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You and all Your kith & kin are so nice , I would love to meet them all.
    When shall you introduce them.
    Ok , I follow YOU to meet them in the days to come.
    Thanks for following.
    So you shall also meet mine.
    Fond Regards


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