Good night ~ 4

(Writer to this post : warrior_naina)

When I wanted to complain, you were there….

Today, I want to thank, hope you are here.

Happy reading people

Sleep well

Yours loving warrior




(Writer to this post : virus_miki)

Received this image in whatsapp with this line

लड़कियां कितना भी एटीट्यूड दिखा ले बाद में यही करना है

Now… My question to all is… 

What is wrong in this image…?? 

Why male can’t do this…??? 

Because of “male ego” if not then why such lines…. ???

If above line is true than 

“बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ” is a big lie.

Let me know your views in the comment section below on my questions…

Thanks & Regards


 Well, a serious issue…you just talked about..the trolls..why are we misusing this powerful platform,if we don’t have guts to use it.

Whats wrong in the picture…if someone with eyes like I have would have captioned this picture…it would be something like

“A salute to the lady who even helped me with the shit..when I was an innocent creaturejust born..”

Thank you mom!

I would have captioned it somewhat this way….

Guysss…lies are easy to spread ,if you have guts try and speak out truth and try and spread truth.

Males and females are equals like my mom is equal to my dad…💕

If you have hearts and brains…kindly scribble honestly.

A great post miki

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


‘Wisdom can be shared not the experiences’ displays the short film ‘Born free’ (Short film scribble)

Youtube link : Born free

A friend yesterday had send me this link…and he said do see it.

The same I am saying to you guys…do see it.

Yes, a truely good short film..well written and well shot one.And the actors have put good efforts to bring out the wonderful message.

We need to follow our hearts and our passions….the only recepie of happiness in this age of success.

This is a story about an corporate employee who is visits goa for his product launch , and in flight itself he is encountered by fun loving people,a girl who is travel blogger and a old man who is visiting goa for the first time because his plans had always failed when he was young.

He rightly points out the young man that don’t waste your life in work work work ,choose your life…make it…enjoy it,otherwise in old age you will become like me.

The girl on the other hand is perfectly enjoying her youth,she is doing a job which is not a job for her…but her happiness.

Finally as the story proceeds,the heroine makes hero realise his incomplete dream to become a beat boxer…and finally like the climax has to be in movies…when the hero’s boss says his most important presentation which he had worked for 2 years…will be presented by him…the hero finally understands and he quits the job.

The last scene is a talk show where the famous beat boxer ,the hero speaks outs his story and his lessons…all his dialogues are will truely enjoy…and you will feel as if he is speaking your heart.

but my personal favourite part was 

when he speaks about his father who rejected his dream when he was small…he rightly says…that it was not the mistake of father.

All fathers are protective,they have seen many faliures and don’t want that to happen with their kids and therefore they end up rejecting their kid’s flight…but point is this is where they go wrong… don’t restrict your children..

Allow them to face failures,”their share of failures” …yes each one has their own shares.

You can give wisdome but experience need to be theirs.

And this applies to you even if you are the elder one and tou have a younger sibbling.

Yes! you can give them wisdom and strength to face failures but don’t restrict them, allow them to fail…only then they will know the roads to success…or else they will land in protective boring destination walking in protective paths…where they may be successful but will never be happy.

Happy reading people..

Hope you will enjoy the movie and enjoy the review equally.

Keep following your hearts and don’t restrict yourselves. 

afterall you are BORN FREE

Have a great day today

signing off

Yours loving warrior


On 1 year completion of

Congrats to all the scribbliers and readers!👍😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏(^^♪

Everything to you guys.

सूरज जैसे प्रकाश से खेलते नहीं अभी

चाँद जैसे शीतलता भी बिखेरते नहीं अभी

क्योंकि सितारों की तरह जगमगाना

अभी बस शुरू ही किया है(^o^)/

साथी तारों के संग रोशनी पिरोना 

अभी बस शुरू ही किया है(^o^)/

पर वक़्त पर फिर भी गुरूर है

धीरे है अभी रफ्तार (^_^)v

पर जुनून में फितूर है(^o^)丿

क्योंकि वक्त के साथ चलना 

अभी बस शुरू किया है(^o^)/

चल तो जायेंगे ही मीलो का सफर 

हर कदम में जी लेना(^^♪

अभी बस शुरू किया है(^o^)/

मिल गयी है पतवार अब

डुब जाए ये अब मुमकिन नहीं

क्योंकी पतवार पकड़(^o^)v

नाव ने आगे बढ़ना

अभी बस शुरू किया है(^o^)/

मुस्कुरा कर मुस्कुराहट बिखेरना 

अभी बस शुरू ही किया है(^o^)/

पर फिर भी फ़र्क है खुद पर

आज फ़र्क करने का दिन है(^o^;)

तो करेंगे भी ज़रूर:D(^。^)

क्योकि बंध जाने वाले इस संसार में

खुल के जीना कम से कम हमने शुरू तो किया है

सूरज का तेज़ और चांद सी शीतलता भी पा लेंगें

हड़बड़ी नही है(^^♪ʕ•ٹ•ʔ

सितारों सा चमकना

अभी बस शुरू ही किया है(^o^)/

Destination really don’t matter when you start enjoying the journey so much…

It feels great to have beautiful companions,team of 12 scribblers and 250 readers….. in a journey started all alone. Well thats enough to feel good and probably our community will grows more next year✌😄anyone who wants to join,just feel free and contact me.💕💕

Thanks everyone to make me feel less alien..

There are more people who can relate to our scribbles and thoughts🤗🤗🤗,this feeling itself is a big one,earlier whenever I used to scribble in the last pages of my notebook and couldn’t share it to many,and also those who  I shared,thought it was all stupid…and then I used to think I have been  landed to wrong planet🤣….and now I think there are more like me who have landed to wrong planet 

Only difference is now we have started celebrating this wrong place and our wrong landing.

And if this is the first time you are reading me…read more about us in this link 

About us (Oye scribblers)

After reading the link now I think you will know what I am speaking about right now.

Happy anniversary to my dear scribblers!
Happy reading readers.

and with the same promise I take leave today

We will keep scribbling our hearts and brains and hope it will keep scribbling yours dear readers.

Have a gread day ahead!👍

Yours loving warrior



कुछ दबी हुई ख़्वाहिशें है, कुछ मंद मुस्कुराहटें.

कुछ खोए हुए सपने है, कुछ अनसुनी आहटें.

कुछ दर्द भरे लम्हे है, कुछ सुकून भरे लम्हात.

कुछ थमें हुए तूफ़ाँ हैं, कुछ मद्धम सी बरसात.

कुछ अनकहे अल्फ़ाज़ हैं, कुछ नासमझ इशारे.

कुछ ऐसे मंझधार हैं, जिनके मिलते नहीं किनारे.

कुछ उलझनें है राहों में, कुछ कोशिशें बेहिसाब.

बस इसी का नाम ज़िन्दगी है चलते रहिये, जनाब…

source : social media

It happens sometimes in the morning the forwarding messages which knock your inbox , exactly depicts your heart💕.

Then I feel it is expreesing me…and I don’t need to write today.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Our eye acts as the natural camera,

It is the marvellous gift created by the begetter,

It captures the real moments of verve in one piece,

Without any gadget we can foretaste the times of yore,

It acts as the mirror of the past life,

Sometimes the events it captures,

 Becomes the life or the lesson of the creatures,

Sometimes because of some blissful moments one depart this life serenely,

 Sometimes callous moments becomes stepping stones and leads the life at flourishing end,

It shows the delightful nature,

And flash the cruel reality,

It also acts as the judge,

And knowingly unknowingly it also portrays you….

Eye is a foreteller,

Eye is the reminiscent…………

By zooming the lens we can protest nastiness,

By shutting the eyes we can become coward,

Eye is the concluder……..


Eyes are





zomming lens

and finally 


So many analogies…so perfectly tinkering in your poem tinker.

Eyes (Naina) is highly impressed.

Keep scribbling shiwi,keep impressing everyone with your writings

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


Good Night ~ 1

आधे थे हम,अकेले में काली रात से घबरा बैठे

फिर पता चला जिससे घबरा रहे थे,
उसे भी पूर्णिमा का इंतज़ार था

पूरा होने का हमारी ही तरह रात को भी इंतज़ार था

फिर क्या हम आपस में ही नज़रें मिला बैठे

काली रात को भी गले से लगा बैठे

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior



People are always judgemental…

It’s you who love it when they are positive for you and hate when they say negative for you…

     So its you who decide. So don’t let judgements of people affect you… Live your life by your own… 

Because you your self are better judge….


I would say judge every judgement they do to you.

You may find something important that you yourself may never find out,other eyes can point that.

You can take it constructively and improve yourself.

and if its stupid ….the judgement you can still pay attention to it and laugh🤣….on how people perceive, how they judge,how they get jealous,how they find escapes .

So, best thing is keep judging…keep being judged but stresslessly…and ofcourse wisely.

Nice one Miki,you scribbled my favourite topic again.

This can be some sequal to my “judging teaches”.

Keep scribbling virus_miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior