Team up or work alone…do whatever comforts you but never compromise ‘indivituality‘ and never compromise that individual inside you whom you call ME.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior




I feel that destiny do write us a path

Where we face both glee and its wrath

Its akin to hardships the Gold goes

And the reason why ethereally it glows

And what a wonderful teacher it is

As it helps but never spoon feeds

And it is most expensive teacher we get

For it charges in Tears, blood and sweat

Destiny personified as an expensive yet a perfect teacher.

Well said Prankies

Keep scribbling 

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


सच या सपना …

क्या ये मेरी किस्मत में लिखा था…?
या मैं खुद ही अपनी तक़दीर लिख रही हूँ ..?

ये धुंद्ध है आँखों में रखे आँसुओं की

या मैं फिर से सपनो की चादर बुन रही हूँ..??



You care for me, I care for you,

You love me, I love you,

You heal me, I heal you,

You destroy me, I will destroy you,

I want and will try to shield you,

But you are the only victim to ruin yourself,

You are a small part of mine,

Then, how can you govern clout of mine,

 The clout of mine is myriad,

I only endure your destruction of mine,

Because you are the broods of mine,

Once the endurance gone astray,

The clout of mine to shield you will go astray,

Disasters are little insinuations of mine,

And a request to protect your MOTHER NATURE  in this regime………..


I love you, he said
Seeing in my eyes
And I felt heavenly
Flying in the sky

He held my hand
A spark passed through
As touched are two wires
I felt a sensation new

My defence and guard
Came down to knees
A lump on my throat
And I could hardly speak

My brain said no!
Come to the sense
And my heart retorted back
Said leave all pretence

In his arms warmly
I melted like butter
And it seemed, quickly
We’d amalgamate in each other

And now I know
It was a dream bad
For that night of ecstasy
Better if I’d be dead

When my trust
He devilishly Breached
When pleading to be together
To him I screeched

His eyes betrayed
The lust within
The animal in him
Was far from committing

And he went away
Leaving me abused
And I was left broken
Being so confused

The faith in love
And that on men
Was untenable
And completely broken

The ruined sanctuary 

Scorching heat to tolerate
Sandstorms make you wait
Yielding ground lies beneath
Walking is difficult to deal with

Perspiring to the hilt
Not long before I wilt
Tired and weary now
Need to continue but how

To the farthest what I gauge
I find only mirage
Being thirsty, throat is patched 
Despite all I have to march

Zeal to go on is now. Gone
Hope is now just a pawn 
End is no where is sight
Sun, not situation is bright 

Was it like this always 
Surely this wasn’t the case
Desert today, once had been green 
And crowded it had surely been

Rabbits played all around 
In trees, squirrels were found
Water gushed down the fountains
Green top covered tree mountains

Many years went on a trot
But then there set the rot
I dug my own grave
That sanctuary I couldn’t save

After that I cried a lot
Never dreamt the result I got
How could I be so careless 
Why did I make it a mess

But what I could do now
Just reaping the seeds I sowed
Things now couldn’t be altered 
Can’t turn back time where I faltered

Just an advice from me 
The dangers signs you can foresee
Never ever take them light
Coz you are not always right


Aaj phir ye kalam chal uthi….

Aaj phir ye palakein bheeg gai

Aaj fir se zakhm taze ho gae

Aaj phir ye nigahien tujhse jaa mili 

Hamesha se Intazar tha tumhare aane kaa

Mere is dil k jahan me samane kaa

Zamane k dar se mai chup thi khadi

Dar tha muje sirf nazaron k Takarane Kaa…


De kar dastak aaj dil mein tumne purane jazbaaton ko jaga diya…. 

Samne aa kr tumne mujhe aaj phir rula diya….


Virgin (reply of boy)

As I said am not virgin 

he stopped me and said don’t think

I am not angry On you

That was my reaction to the scenario
Than I tthought whoever he may be but you were true

and You have the guts and courage to accept who are you

I like the boldness and truthfullness you possess

I still respect you for the same, please don’t get obsess

You don’t need to prove anything to me

You were not wrong but was he

Lets just forget the past and take a leap

come’on destroy these bad memories heap

With a huge  smile give me a hug

As a gift I Brought  you a pug 🙂 

** hope my this answer is Enough for explanation… Do let me know if any correction require in the comments section below****** 

Thanks and regards