Mutual breakup – 3

Its not that they were not missing each other🙄

Its not that everything now was fine

Afterall they were each others lifeline😥

It was tough but not impossible😏

Trying to seperate but everything was creating trouble😑

Seperation required sticking to their decision bubble😐

Making choice was definitely tough 

But keeping the choice was getting tougher😯

Were they now more to suffer😔

Or were they moving towards a world better😫

That decision will prevail 😕

Only when sticking to it remains at both ends with equal force😞

Even if one end weakens, they both will fail😟

Both of them have dialed each others’ number a hundered times in their phone😢

But managed to disconnect each time they connected their phones🤕

Helpless they were😩

because now they have ended all the stuff😰

People call it Mutual break up 😡

sticking to their decisions was now getting more tough😤😒😓

After the romantic valentine write ups, taking this painful topics is making me also tough😅🤐😝!

Anyways keep enjoying poetry!

Keep spreading love!

Signing off 

Good night!

Yours loving🤗

Warrior Naina😄


Mutual breakup -2 

Yes! They had that rare thing

We call platonic love

Serene as ganges

Pure as white dove

They understood each other well

Could read what’s on other’s mind

And confort in one another’s company

They always find

They celebrated the oneness

And respected the diffrences

And when they talked

Never drew wrong inferences

He made her feel special

And special he was for her

Day in , day out they would

Talk to each other

Together they chatted 

They talked of many things

And also would understand

The lines in between

Exact parallel to each other

Everyone often quipped

Though everyone sensed 

They kept mouth tight lipped

For hours they talked

Yet never made the confession

And boundless, endless, and seamless

Became their connection

In heart, though , they knew

For long it can’t continue

As she had to move forward 

And he had his own issues

But did they breakup mutually

As mutual as they had everything ??

Or were they separated away

Broken after the fling??

They were so far

Yet in hearts they were near

Alas! They still were far from

Getting anything near

For each other;s happiness

They donned their best smile

For it meant a lot

To someone , afar, miles

Can a mortal ever break

A bond so divine

The pure angelic love

In hearts they confine

Some friendships, my dear

Are forged  eternity

And  ”Parallel” also meet

Though only at infinity


Someone very empathetic wrote this and messeged me after reading part 1.So, I thought I should share here.

Probably such breakups are common these days that all of us can connect, all of see such thing once in a lifetime closely in our own lifes or probably in a close friend’s life.

Whatever it is few things can’t be escaped.

Let me end here quoting the last lines which I found awesome 

Some friendships, my dear

Are forged  eternity

And  ”Parallel” also meet

Though only at infinity

Keep enjoying every moment of life…keep geting the feel of every moment.Each one is necessary to be felt.

If you will not feel the sadness, how will you understand the distinction and enjoy the joy when it comes.

Lets not make things monotonous.

Lets just keep enjoying downs equally as we enjoy up.

Till then keep spreading love!

Yours loving 🤗

Warrior Naina😄

Confusing souls just check with your ultimate goal!

 am a kind of persons who many times has confusions. Do I do this or should I go for that🤔? May be because I am a thinker😉 😎,you see!
The above solution is an advice given by a friend of mine who is quite sorted and clear.🙄..😏

So, I thought I should share. Whenever in confusion,which road should I choose,just try and configure which road will take you closer to your ultimate goal.Even if that one is unpleasing choose that,in long run It may help you!☺

I am trying to apply this logic,you also give a try, may be this one works🙄

Till then keep spreading love!

Yours loving😙

Warrior Naina😄

Mutual breakup- 1

They never faught😟

There were no misunderstandings at all🤓

She was loyal🙂

He was loveable and trustworthy☺

Neither she lied🤐

Nor he offended😮

But they just ended🤐

Societal reasons they had😥

But tragedy was more sad😣

They say , ex lovers can’t even be just friends😶😢😭

But they best suited to be best friends😀

But now they have to leave away😐

Because they ended all the stuff😑

People call it Mutual breakup😏

So, here is a new series started Mutual breakup and one sided love is not complete,more articles to it will be added soon.

Till then keep spreading love!😄

Have a nice day folks!

Yours loving😁

Warrior Naina🙄


​A wow😊

for that smile😁

my friends today wore🤗

A wow😄

for that happiness😍

their voices today store😊

I know there are more wows😌

we are to hear😊

in this lengthiest race☺

Again a wow😄

for awesome success😀

and happiness they today embrace😋


and a pending wow for a friend 🙄

who is left behind🙄

Don’t worry dear

I am also with you😶

We are going to soon catch up with race.😇

and the last Wow 😍

to the almighty🤗

for all his grace 😊💓

I wish all my readers also get all the wows and success in life!😊

Good night friends!

Signing off

Yours loving 😊

Warrior Naina 😁

One sided love-2

If you got connected with the previous post “one sided love -1”,do read this one ,it will give you more of positivity and ways to have some positivity even from your one sided love!

Priyank Goel

​One sided loves are always sad 

For seldom anything breaks you(that) bad 

Still I believe it’s worth a shot 

Once in life one shd give a thought

or Love is a feeling wonderful 

For emotions, nothing is a better school 

The first thing which makes you do SWOT

And keeps you busy in fanciful thoughts 

You strive to become better everyday 

It’s one of the best motivation some say 

You love them with all your heart 

In your life they are now an indispensable part 

And different outputs you might get 

When words in mouth come straight 

Lucky ones will rejoice with reciprocating

Rest have to,though, deal with frustration 

For frustrated ones I have an advice 

Let go and continue with your life 

Though you have given your best 

But tough was it to not pass the test 

But then give it a thought someday 

They love someone else, they say 

Then are you so selfish in your love 

That their happiness don’t count much??

If you have love them deepest 

You will understand what I suggest 

The smile of beloved is much more divine 

So sundry emotions it entwines

And once you are happy to let go 

You ll again be able to grow 

For a love, true one, never weakens my friend

And despite one sided it gives a lot strength

May be, what he is saying is😌 true,try and  get strengths 😀from love in your life,even if it is one sided.☺

Till then keep spreading love!🤗

Yours loving😋

Warrior Naina😄

The mysterious staircase!

​Oo You Miss mysterious staircase!😎

How do you always manage 😏

landing me in the same place😥🤔

I learn,then run,then move and go

up and up 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

facing your every passing throw😀

and in no time you bring me down to the 

start point again😣😒🙁

Can’t you feel how much it pains🤕😓

In your which step😯😮

my struggle will be over😟😖

Just trying to configure you😔😞

Are you configuring me too🤔😫

Or you are just testing my patience 😤😠

If its that so😳😧

you have a Stubborn passenger ,Miss staircase!

The day is approaching😑

Your mysteries will soon be unfold

Just found on which step I am standing now😮

And just counted how many to go😒

If with every passing day,you are growing mysterious more😋 

Along with you,I am getting more stubborn for sure😎

Keep facing your struggles!

I know each one of you is walking into 

a mysterious 😌 staircase of love,career family and much more….

But keep walking with courage as thats the only thing you can do and because you never know when your struggle ends.

Till then keep spreading love !

Yours loving warrior😏



Bawara mann (Jolly LLB2) lyrics 3

So, here is last and the climax of the lyrics..
When the girl’s wait ends and she meets him,she is unable to handle the happiness and she bursts into tears..the happiness melts through her eyes.

She is crying but she is happy and wishes that the knots what finally got tied after long wait,doesn’t breaks and he never leaves again.

And the tears roll down..

Naina ye malhar ban ke barse re🙃🙄

Wishing all of you happy endings in life!

I loved this lyrics, hope you enjoyed it too with my explanation😁.

So, now time to leave..

Good night!😄

Yours loving ❤

Warrior Naina🤗