Judging teaches ~ 3

Read the first part judging teaches ~ 1 and then read this:

Infinite words turn to zero

Such questions asks my hero

What if you learn everything I have

And nothing is left which you can learn from me

Will that learner in you will get bored

Tell me what will you do if there is nothing left to judge more

What will you do then

Will you still stay with me forever

Or will you get bored

Answer or say “never”

And I was speechless again

Infinite words got silent again

How can you 

Keep stunning me

Again and again

And how can I fall for you

Again and again

Amazed me started writing 

and  re evaluating my thoughts again

Will all this last

Or is this just temporary relief from pain?

Happy reading readers 

Yours loving warrior 



Acid attack

I was passionate girl he was a cool boy

Each others company we begin to enjoy

Slowly for me he become a cloy

He try to come close which made me annoy

One day he proposed me I said no

Somewhere it hurted his male ego

He shouted who is my father you don’t know

Just wait here, to you, I will show

  • 😯{After few days}😎

On the road I was looking for a cab

Suddenly a bike parked at my back

Something started simmering over my head

Oh my God it was an ACID ATTACK

I cried I shouted I scream

My outrage was extreme

Everyone saw this scene

But no one was in my team

My looks became very strange

Still I thought of taking revenge

I fought with everyone who came in my range

Still the scenarios didn’t change

Sad revenge

tried many times to put him in jail

But I was a star fish he was a whale

My full effort I inhale

From here and there he got the bail

He was living his life happily

I had to hide in my home’s gallery

My brain was storming heavily

I threw acid on his face bravely

Now see the law and rule

I became a big fool

I was behind the bars

And media made him super cool


Harsh reality 😢

Acid..Were we born to act so harsh???

How can such crimes be stopped…Kindly comment your views.

Keep scribbling miki

Well written👌

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 



I am not virgin when she said

He became silent as he got mad

It was a dream that turn out to be bad

It was a blunder or her mistake

I thought it was love at first

Later I realized it was lust

He used me and throw me back

My life begin to shake

Then you touched my heart & soul

Without any fear, my past I told

Its up to you to accept me or not

But I know you love me a lot

Only one thing I can say

Don’t leave me please stay

He was my past my mistake

But you are my future my fate

I love you from whole of my heart

Please love me back don’t go apart


Does past speaks your present ?

Does virginity matters more than personality??

Well ! for me the story was innocent love confessing her innocent lust.

What more should I say…I think she was correct…Atleast she was not acting clever…May be this shows her love and innocence enough.

Keep scribbling miki 

Keep raising your voice

Yours loving warrior



छोड़ दे इन यादों में तू रहना

मुस्कुराहट ही है तेरा गहन

सुन ले तेरे दिल का ये कहना

हम दोनों को है अब संग संग बहना

क्यों तुझको यादों के गम घेरे

हाँथ थाम ले मेरा दूर हो अंधेरे

मैंने देखे हैं सपने संग तेरे 

आ मेरे कांधे पर तू रो ले

कैसे काहू मैं कितना बेताब हूँ

तेरे बिना मैं बिलकुल बे ख्वाब हूँ

अपने ना सही मेरे सपने तू बुन दे

मैं दीवाना तेरा बेहिसाब हूं


Nice mili

Well written 👌🎈

It speaks of the healing ehsaas and trust for the loved one❤ very well.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


bread idli

Yeah it sounds weird but it is really tasty and fast cooking breakfast.

  • 3-4 boiled potatoes
  • 2 chopped green chillis
  • 1/3Tsp mango powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/3 Tsp red chilli powder
  • 1/3 Tsp Cumin powder
  • Pinch of hing
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup coriander leaves
  • For garnishin

For seasonings

  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • 1/3 tsp Some cumin seeds
  • 1/3 tsp Some mustard seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Sesame seeds
  • 1 stalk Curry leaves
  • mint leaves 1tbsp
  • Add green chillis as per your taste
  • Yogurt {salt and red chilli powder mixed according to taste}

Bread {cut down in shape of idli}


  • Take one bowl and mash potatoes in it
  • Add all the Ingredients mentioned above in sequence and keep it aside.
  • Slice your bread in round shape with help of bowl {katori}
  • Spread a layer of stuffings over the bread
  •  And place it over the pan with bread facing up 
  • Apply yogurt over the bread and cover the lid
  • Allow it to cook for 10 to 15 mins in low flame

This is how it will look 

  • Till that make seasoning
  • take a saucepan add oil to it when it start simmering add cumin seeds, mustard, sesame seeds, mint and curry leaves and remove it from flame.
  • Immediately apply it over your idli.
  • Its ready to server
  • Enjoy it with green chutney or sauce.

Garnish it with coriander leaves.

It will give a twist and turn taste of idli and aalu tikki… You will love this twisty taste.

Do try this at home and let me know your experiences in the coment section below.

Thanks & Regards


Looks quick and delicious

Keep cooking mili

Happy reading readers 

Yours loving warrior


      ​Surya namaskar : the attitude of gratitude

      Saint Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “Yoga is not just exercise and asanas. It is the combination of emotional and spiritual altitude with a touch of spiritual element, which gives you a glimpse of something beyond all imaginations.” Scientists say that yoga covers the complete sense of way of living. Yoga is a physical activity which teaches all twists, turns and stretches in accordance of exhaling and inhaling. The most famous quote of Bhagawat Geeta explains the actual significance of yoga, “Yoga is the journey of self, through the self, to the self”. Yoga is termed as a superlative remedy to bring harmony and bliss in oneself. Yoga is a bustle which is present in India from prehistoric times. Holy books like Bhagawat geeta, Mahabharta, Ramayana etc have traces of yoga’s elucidation and writings. 

      Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is always been said as a general and broad yoga move which includes asana, pranayama, mantra and meditative awareness. It name itself suggests the meaning d the yoga pose. Surya Namaskar is an ancient physical practice of showing respect and gratitude towards the sun which makes surveillance possible on earth. The bodies physical moment, spiritual concept and solar plexus is controlled, governed and also been boosted by the practice of Surya Namaskar. Solar plexus are heavenly lights or heavenly impulses which are located just behind the navel area of a human body which is directly connected with sun. Ancient saints or rishis says that every part of a human body is ruled by different Devas ( solar plexus) due to which they recommends to have a daily practice of Surya Namaskra to have every body part to have proper functioning.

      Surya Namaskar is a lay out of 12 yoga poses or postures which are asked to perform during sun rise. Surya Namaskar benefits all parts of body from head to toe due to which daily practice is recommended. As it comprises of 12 posses which effects whole body therefore it also said Surya Namaskar only can be acknowledged in place of all different yoga techniques. Surya Namaskar has abundant benefits as it improves blood circulation which helps heart, liver, stomach, intestine etc works properly and keeps a person disease free. Practicing Surya Namaskar in different time and different pace of practicing provides different benefits. Performing it in morning refreshes the body and the mind which makes a person ready to take all tasks of the day, if performed in afternoon it energizes the body instantly and if performed in evening helps a person to relax. Performing Surya Namaskar in slow pace helps to make the body flexible, if performed in medium pace helps to maintain the quality the muscles and if performed in fast pace it becomes an excellent cardiovascular exercises and helps in losing wait. Looking to its list of benefits this years old technique should be practiced daily to make this busy modern lifestyle to be a healthy lifestyle.
      Neha Asawa.

      Happy international yoga day readers!

      Stay healthy take care of yourselves.

      Try Indian heritage called yoga 

      Keep scribbling neha 

      Yours loving warrior


      Happy bday sirji

      Thank you for everything sirji

      I miss you everyday and find you everyday in myself when I keep on doing something until I perfectly learn.

      I can proudly say I have become a perfect learner and two people are reason for it…..

      ma and you

      Happy bday sirji

      May your all wishes come true..And you have a healthiest and happiest life ahead!

      From your best student


      And this👇 completes my post today❤😍🤗

      Happy reading readers

      Yours loving warrior


      पापा की हर बात पे बस इसीलिए हम दोनो जान देते हैं

      Picture creativity: Vaishnavi zhanwar

      रेशमी पंख देते हैं,नीला आज़ादी वाला आसमान देते हैं,हम फिर भी जब उड़ नहीं पाते तो हमारे कोमल पंखों को पापा हौसलों की ताकत वाला विमान देते हैं

      उड़ान फिर भी धोका दे देती है कभी,तो धोको से, तेज़ हावा के झोको से भी लड़ सके और फिर से खुद उठ सके,पापा हमें ऐसा स्वाभिमान देते हैं

      जीना तो हम भूलते ही नहीं कभी,क्योंकि पापा हर हाल में जीने का हमें अरमान देते हैं,

      कभी भी कोई बात थोपते नहीं हम पर, समझा कर सहीं ग़लत की पहचान देते हैं,पापा की हर बात पर बस इसीलिए नैना नेहा जान देते हैं,

      बेस्ट फ्रेंड की तरह रहते हमारे साथ इसीलिए डर से सलाम नहीं,पापा को नैना नेहा दिल से सम्मान देते हैं 

      पापा ही हैं जो हमें पंख और आसमान देते हैं,पापा की हर बात पर बस इसीलिए नैना नेहा मान लेते हैं,

      अब रिश्ता ही कुछ ऐसा है पापा पे नैना नेहा और नैना नेहा पे पापा अपनी जान देते हैं

      ​To our friendliest father
      and will power of our life

      Happy Father’s day 💕

      From your warrior daughters

      Naina Neha

      Happy reading readers

      Yours loving warrior


      Happy bday khabri !

      An absent minded person like me, someone who is always lost in her own world definitely require a news keeper friend…who can keep her in the real world…Well! God gave me you to keep in real world.

      Above all what I like about you the most is you have a heart of gold….I have seen you facing things alone,I have seen you doing for people like anything….You are awesome blossom wonderful super fantastic person I have ever met on the planet earth…Anyone with you will not get bored for sure.I am always entertained when I be with you.

      You have fantastic people in your life..Your mom and of course such a sweet hubby…For everyone you are really special..All I want to make you feel special on this special day of yours. Be awesome😙

      And when chotu khabri grows he is going to get a world best mom. What I have learnt from you is never leave your friend in a need…Afterall friend in need is friend in deed…In my all needs,in my all deeds…I want you always…I may have infinite people around but your place will be yours forever💕.

      Lots of love ruchi..

      Itni taarif to shayad pehli baar ki hogi maine tere mu pe teri, we usually keep pulling each other’s leg….But you truly deserve this..

      Stay blessed and never leave my life

      Happy reading readers

      Yours loving warrior


      Letter from a strong daughter 


      Dear Papa,

      Today I met a guy who said I am strong. Exactly the way you wanted me to be strong!! A strong girl who puts her voice above all,who never steps back no matter what the situation is. You remember when I was a kid and whenever I got hurt you would say strong girls never cry and at once I stopped crying. Since then the for me the definition for a strong women is one who never cries!! I don’t cry. But Papa you did not teach me how to deal with people who betray me or how to deal with ‘friends’ who use me like a tissue paper and never appreciate the softness but will throw away once you’re stained.

      Nobody noticed the broken heart behind the strong mouth because I don’t shed tears and I speak my heart.

      But still I am your proud daughter because you always taught me to be a lady of my words and not to be obscure at heart. Trust me I’ll be like that strong kite which flies high up in the sky against the wind because I know back on km9.  pPlp0p0ll ground you’ll always be there holding my string and protecting me against all odds!!

      Yours always                                         

      A strong daughter ❤

      Now I know who has made nazia strong.

      Proud of you my 😜strong daughter also😙✌

      Remain as you are..Stay blessed Nazo.

      Happy reading readers

      Yours loving warrior